10 Actually Useful Things You Can Do With the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro Touch Bar can be a useful productivity tool if you take the time to train yourself to use it. The first steps are to learn what it is capable of and how to customize it.

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    Steve Whitley
    3 years ago

    Thanks, Gary - until now I actually thought that the Touch Bar was an expensive waste of time and technology. I will now try some of these tips and tricks that are useful to me.

    Travis Braithwaite
    3 years ago

    Quite useful. I had no idea there was that much functionality.

    My issue is not the content of the Touch Bar, but the location of it. I am a touch typist, and I don't look at my keys at all for the most part. So to even see what is on the Touch Bar, I have to take my eyes off the screen, which I am not in the habit of.

    Guess I just need to adapt.

    Nicholas Paul
    3 years ago

    Hi Gary. I always thought the touch bar was kinda of gee whiz option but as you pointed out it has some very useful aspects and am motivated to give them a try.
    thanks Enjoy your daily tips

    Kay Fisher
    3 years ago

    We just got a new macbook pro M1 but... I do 99% work on my iMac pro. I’ve tried using my ipad on the side with sidecar and touch bar but it was really buggy and unusable. What I would like is a mac app that would put a pseudo touchbar on the bottom of my screen above the dock and allow me to touch it with mouse clicks. Does such an app exist?

    3 years ago

    Kay: Indeed it does. I used it to make this video. https://redsweater.com/touche/

    John Scully
    3 years ago

    Best explanation of how to use the Touchbar I've come across.

    Glen Fisher
    3 years ago

    Why is it that when I tap emojis on the Touch Bar sometimes it takes 5-6 taps before they are attached. Especially the note keys.

    3 years ago

    Glen: Sorry, I don't know. Seems to work with one tap for me.

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