10 Hidden Things You Can Do With Your Mac Keyboard

In addition to keyboard shortcuts, there are hidden functions you can perform with your Mac keyboard if you know the right combination or setting. You can forward delete, bring up context menus and show hidden menu commands. You can even use the Caps Lock or second set of modifier keys for other things.

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    Neil Smith
    4 years ago

    Really useful particularly the "show desktop". I have always minimised all my windows to get to the desktop now I know a better way. Thanks

    Steve Koutros
    4 years ago

    Gary: Many thanks for these hidden keyboard shortcuts...love them. When business picks back up, I will definitely contribute via patreon. Thanks, Steve

    4 years ago

    My favourite when on a laptop or “short” keyboard for “forward deleting” is to use the Control key + the D key.
    Works the same as Fn+Delete key, but can be done with one hand Ctrl+D.
    After using numeric extended keyboards since 1989 ... going to a short keyboard had me flummoxed for many months until I discovered Fn+Delete but even more happy with Control+D keys.
    Why can’t Apple provide a SEND button for Messages.app on MacOS? It has one for iOS! AppleMail has ⌘+D for Send email.

    Howard Brazee
    4 years ago

    I have a two-year-old MacMost cheat-sheet of keyboard settings taped to the wall next to my desk. Do you have an updated version which includes control-return? Is there a way to type the option or control or command symbols?

    Jasper Robinson
    4 years ago

    Wrt Horward—You can assign text, including command characters, in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.

    You could assign ‘.cmd’ to change to ‘⌘’ by pasting that character from a webpage.

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