MacMost: Keyboard Shortcuts

The F-Keys and Special Features Keys on the Mac Keyboard
Learn how to use the keys on the top row of your Mac keyboard. You can use them to send F1, F2, and other F-Keys to the app you are currently using, or you can use them to control special features like screen brightness and volume. Learn how to toggle which requires the FN key and which does not.
Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
What are the top 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts and how would you even determine such a thing? Gary from MacMost tackles this difficult task and reveals the to 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts with tips and tricks for using each.
How To Disable a Keyboard Shortcut On a Mac
If you want to disable a keyboard shortcut to avoid accidentally triggering that action, there are a variety of ways to do it.
Forward Delete and Other Hidden Mac Keyboard Text Delete Options

Even if you don't have an extended keyboard you can still foward delete on a Mac using one of two hidden tricks. You can also delete by word, line, to the start or end of paragraphs and in a variety of different ways.

10 Ways To Switch Between Windows In the Same App On a Mac
If you have several documents or windows open in the same app there are many ways to switch between these windows.
A Comprehensive Guide To Controlling Your Mac With Your Keyboard
In this special live video I look at many different ways to use your Mac keyboard to control everything. Learn how to launch apps, select text, manage your files, and so much more.
Using the Finder With Just Your Keyboard
The Finder is easily controlled with a mouse or trackpad, but if you prefer to use your keyboard you can access most functions if you know the right keys to press.
7 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts To Forget and What To Use Instead
Keyboard shortcuts are handy and save time, but some of the keyboard shortcuts you are using right now may not be the best way to go. Here are some examples of common keyboard shortcuts that have better alternatives in many situations.
Mac Text Selection Shortcuts
There are many ways to select portions of text on a Mac. If you use your Mac to write, you should learn the keyboard techniques you need to select characters, words, lines and paragraphs.
How To Use the FN/Globe Key On Your Mac Keyboard
The FN or Globe key on your Mac keyboard can be used to switch between special feature and F-keys, change what is shown on a Touch Bar, or can also be a used by itself to bring up the Emoji and Symbol Viewer, change Input Source, or start dictation.
The Many Uses For the Delete Key On a Mac
You can use the Delete key on yoru Mac's keyboard to delete text in both directions, delete selections, objects, files and more. Sometimes you need to add modifier keys to delete or access special functions.
10 Mac Features That Will Save You Time
Here are 10 features of macOS that will save you time if you use them. Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts, Hot Corners, autocomplete, dictation, Recents and more.
How To Disable Command+Q On a Mac
If you find sometimes you accidentally press Command+Q and quit an app, here are three ways to deal with it. First, if you have your settings right, you can recover from accidentaly quitting without losing any work or the windows and tabs you have open. You can also disable Command+Q for any one app. There is also a way to override Command+Q with another keyboard shortcut to prevent yourself from using it anywhere.
The Super-Secret Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Almost No One Knows About
Beyond the menu bar keyboard shortcuts and the ones you can add in System Preferences, there are a set of keyboard shortcuts called KeyBindings that you can use when writing. These customizable keyboard commands can be used to move around in text, manipuate selections and even insert frequently-used words and phrases.
Controlling Your Mac With Only the Keyboard
If you want to maximize the time your hands are on your keyboard and minimize the time you use your mouse or trackpad, here are 10 techniques you need to master.
Adding a Mac Keyboard Shortcut For Moving a Window To Another Display
If you have multiple displays, it is handy to be able to quickly move the current window to the other display. There is already a Menu Bar command for this. But with a little work, you can add a keyboard shortcut as well.
How To Create a Keyboard Shortcut To Open a File In a Specific App
Sometimes just having one default app to open a file type isn't enough. With documents like images and text files, you often open files in different apps in different situations. Instead of using the context menu to open the document, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to open the document in a specific app.
13 Ways To Put Your Mac To Sleep
You can put your Mac to sleep many different ways including keyboard shortcuts, special gestures and interactions, an automatic timeout, and even Terminal or Automator scripts.
13 Major Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Aren't Using
While most Mac users are familiar with some keyboard shortcuts, there are some simple two-key shortcuts that many do not use that are useful in apps like Safari, the Finder and text editors. Improve your productivity today by learning some new ones.
Mac Basics: Using Modifier Keys
The modifier keys on your Mac keyboard are the Command, Option, Control, Shift and fn keys. You use them for keyboard shortcuts and other functions. Since they differ from Windows modifier keys, it can take new Mac users time to learn how to use them.