MacMost Now 482: 10 Holiday Shopping Tips

Today is the traditional start for the American holiday shopping season. Here are ten tips for shopping online to buy gifts. Also, check out for better prices on Apple products.

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    Rich Howell
    14 years ago

    I'm seems that the iPad is everything the iPhone is, without the phone. Have you ever compared the iPod, iPhone, and iPad? For example, I think I'd buy the iPad if it offered GPS navigation. I'm not interested in the phone. I'd really like to see what makes each product unique.

      14 years ago

      The iPhone is unique in that it has: mobile phone network connection, 5MP/720p camera, GPS.
      The iPod Touch is unique in that it has: cameras (not as good as the iPhone), cheap price tag.
      The iPad is unique in that it has: large screen, iPad-only apps (built for large screen).
      Also note that size is a big factor in why people choose. You simply can't put the iPad in your pocket. This is very important for some people.
      There are many factors to consider, and whether each is important depends on the individual. You say you are not interested in the "phone" but for others that it is a critical feature.
      The iPad (3G model) has GPS, so I suppose some navigation apps may work on it. It may not be the same as a dedicated navigation device, but you can find your way to somewhere.

    Claire Gehrett
    14 years ago

    Loved it..... Thanks I'll save on Reunion 9 by doing your suggestions.....

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