MacMost Now 587: 10 Mac OS X Lion Tips

Besides large new features in Lion, there are many small changes. Check out 10 interesting and useful new things in Lion.

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    S.J. Allan
    13 years ago

    The little numbers are soooo faint, you can also click on the type of accent you want in the blue suggestions.

    Robert C.
    13 years ago

    I have Resume option turned off, but if you hold option when quit an app instead of getting "Quit and discard windows" you get: " Quit and keep windows". I think this is better since it is more likely to want start fresh most of the times, but if some day you actually need to keep the windows, just hold option before quitting.

    I usually start fresh every time, but the has been cases where I need to move from one place to another (from one office to another) and is good to have it in a case by case basis instead of always. Also, it allows you to always with with cmd+q (or just quit) without having to worry about remembering to quit while holding option key.

    13 years ago

    Thanks some so much for the information on lion as well as all of your another video's . They are very informative and enjoyable to watch!

    13 years ago

    Simple, yet very useful! Thanks!

    12 years ago

    Gary, you rock. Just switched to Lion and your videos make a perfect introduction!!

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