MacMost Now 904: 10 More Google Search Tricks

Episode 833 contained some useful Google search tricks. Here are 10 more. Learn how to translate a word, graph a formula, get the time in another city, lookup stock information, pronounce a word, list recent earthquakes and more. Also see some Google easter eggs and how to list all Google Doodles.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's take a look at some useful things you can do with Goggle Search.

Back in episode 833 I showed you some useful things you can do with Goggle Search. Now let's take a look at more and also some not so useful things.

So let's start off with something useful. Have you ever had to make a phone call to somewhere else in the world and you are not sure what time it is there. Well Goggle can tell you that pretty quickly. You just type in the Goggle search box or I just like to use just the box at the top there and just type in time and a location. You will see the exact time, right now, in that spot.

Now if you follow the stock market you can also get a quick view of a stock's price by just typing the symbol. You can see it that not only does it give you the price but it gives you information like the volume and the market cap and a graph here that you can adjust. It also gives you company information here on the right.

How about some math. You can graph things in Goggle by simply typing in a formula like say x divided by 2. You get this graph here and it will show this at the top. Not only that but you can do multiple graphs, x divided by 2, x divided by 3 with a comma between them and we will see what's there. You can do more complex things like x to the power of 3 and it will give us that graph as well.

Goggle can even do 3D graphs but you can't do it in Safari at the moment you've got to do it in Chrome. So if you go to the Chrome browser and then you type a formula like square root of x squared plus y squared like that we actually get a 3D graph and we actually have animation controls where we can move it around or let it rotate, zoom in or out.

So here is a strange one. You can get a timer in Goggle. It will give you this quick little timer here with a bar and you can stop it and start it again and it will even give you an alarm when it is done.

Now here is something that actually relates to search. You can search for something and specify that you want to know about it locally by just putting in your zip code or city or anything like that. So for instance I can type in pizza and then I type in a zip code. Now when I do that I get this local search here at the top complete with reviews and all sorts of things.

Now if you are interested in earthquakes you can type in earthquake to Goggle and you will get a list here of recent earthquakes and it is kind of interesting to see how often earthquakes happen. Anytime you type this in you get some earthquakes around the world that have happened today.

You probably know that Goggle lets you translate things. You can use for all sorts of stuff. To translate an entire page or a piece of text. But if you want something really quick you can just ask Goggle. Like translate hello to french and you get a quick answer there at the top.

Now you may know that you can define things in Goggle. So you just type define and type a word you get the definition. But there is a lot more useful things here. For instance for a hard to pronounce word or a word where you debate how it is pronounced you get a little speaker button here and you can listen. Also notice that you get synonyms here for definitions so you can use this as a thesaurus.

Goggle can help you with area codes too. So if you get say a phone call and you are not sure where it is from you can type just the area code or you can put area code after it and you can see very quickly get the location of calls coming from that area code. Of course that is not always accurate now that you can take your phone number with you on your mobile device. So 303 may be Denver or it may be somebody that started their phone service in Denver.

While there is tons of useful stuff in Goggle there is also just some silly stuff. For instance have you ever searched for the word tilt. And another one that gets a really bizarre result is if you type in zerg rush and you get this little game and you can actually play it destroying these little guys here and try to get your search results back.

Also have you ever noticed that sometimes the Goggle logo at the top of the main Goggle page is completely different, some sort of cool graphic. Well you can search for those. There is actually a website for them. Go to it will bring up all the different doodles that Goggle has ever done and you can search inside that. So for instance remember that day that Goggle had a guitar for Les Paul's birthday. Well you can bring that up and you can still use it. So all those things are still there for you to find and have fun with.

So I hope you found these Goggle search tricks useful. Until next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    Joel Anderson
    6 years ago

    Very, very cool. The closing tip, about the Doodle library, will come in handy when I try to tell someone about the neat thing I saw the day before. Lots of other good stuff here, too, much that I can use in class. Thanks.

    Kirk Edgar Aplin
    6 years ago

    I’ve found that i can translate with the form in without having to use the word translate in front. seems to get me the same results.

    Jan Wille
    6 years ago

    I lioke the trick about searching the time in any city. However, for me this works only in Safari, but not in Chrome. Any suggestions?

      6 years ago

      Shouldn’t matter which browser you are using. I just tried it in Chrome and it worked fine.

    Harry Marks
    6 years ago

    As always Gary – something interesting but buried. I look forward to you videos!

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    6 years ago

    This an amazing video. Their should be a place to go to learn these thing`s.
    How did you find out how to do this Gary?

    6 years ago

    Another interesting video Gary. Have you considered adding “let me google that for you” ? ( …perhaps in your next google installment :)

      6 years ago

      An interesting service, definitely worth knowing about. But in this video I tried to stick with official Google things, not third-party projects.

    jac mills
    6 years ago

    Gary: This is outstanding. I have sent it my my children in Australia. It should prove extremely helpful for their kids in school, also.

    Lance Barrs
    6 years ago

    Some of these Google tricks don’t work on my iPad as they do on my iMac?

      6 years ago

      Yes, I’m sure some of them, particularly the Doodles, require a computer.

    Linda Lyn
    6 years ago

    Hi Gary
    I have watched all your videos in this news letter. When come to the knowledges about Mac you really is the best teacher to fellow, if I don’t learn from you there’s no others.

    Internet is a very good place to learn things but your website is the most valueable to learn the things I needed to learn.

    Many thanks from
    Linda Lyn

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