MacMost: Google

MacMost Now 909: Syncing Google Contacts With iOS
When you add a Google Gmail account to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can get email, calendar and notes syncing, but not contacts. To add contacts, you need to add the Google account a second time, as a CardDAV account. Then you can see your Google contacts in your Contacts app.
MacMost Now 904: 10 More Google Search Tricks
Episode 833 contained some useful Google search tricks. Here are 10 more. Learn how to translate a word, graph a formula, get the time in another city, lookup stock information, pronounce a word, list recent earthquakes and more. Also see some Google easter eggs and how to list all Google Doodles.
MacMost Now 883: Cool Chrome Browser Features
The Chrome browser is a good free alternative to Safari for Mac that is very similar in many respects. But it does offer some interesting features such as the incognito window, task manager, site information menu and Flash encapsulation. It is a good idea to have multiple browsers on your Mac and familiarize yourself with the features of each.
MacMost Now 882: Advanced Google Maps Techniques
Google Maps has been around for a while and there are many advanced techniques that users may no know about. For instance, you can adjust routes to include more locations by simply dragging. You can show someone a map location by sending them a short URL. You can also get directions for public transportation, walking and biking.
MacMost Now 871: Google Voice Search On the iPhone
You can use the Google app to perform voice searches that return similar results to using Siri. Google voice searches can often be faster because your voice is interpreted on the phone, rather than being processed by a remote server. But Google voice search isn't integrated with iOS like Siri, so using both is your best option.
MacMost Now 867: Using Google Calendars With Mac and iOS
You can use a Google Calendar on Mac or your iOS device just as easily as you can use an iCloud calendar. There is no need to 'sync' between them as using one or the other is all that is needed. Google Calendars can be shared between your Mac, iOS, Android and Windows devices.
MacMost Now 856: Google Drive Spreadsheets
Google Drive spreadsheets is a good alternative to using desktop apps like Excel and Numbers. It is a fairly sophisticated number crunching program that has all of the major features seen in those others. All you need is to use your web browser and a free Google account.
MacMost Now 852: Google Maps App
Today's Google Maps app provides the basic functionality of the old Google Maps app. But you have to add this free app yourself as it no longer comes pre-installed on iOS. You can use both Apple Maps and Google Maps on your device, and it is worth having it as an alternative.
MacMost Now 833: 18 Google Search Tricks
You can do much more with a Google search than just enter plain search terms. You can use modifiers like quotes, dashes and asterisks to search for more specific things. You can also search on a particular web site or for specific terms in a page title. There are also many bits of information that you can find without having to leave Google, such as definitions, weather, movie times, flight times and conversions.
MacMost Now 786: Using Google Forms To Create Questionnaires
It is quick and easy to create an online survey using Google Drive. You can simply add some questions to a form and then publish it, sending the link to the people you wish to take the survey. You can then get the results in a spreadsheet. It is so easy to create one of these that you can use them to help with all sorts of work, school or personal tasks.
MacMost Now 771: Putting Google Maps Back On Your iPhone
iOS 6 removes the old Google Maps app and replaces it with the new Apple Maps app. While this new app features flyover and spoken turn-by-turn directions, people miss Google Maps features like Street View and biking directions. You can get those back, plus the familiar Google Maps look by simply going to the Google Maps web site in Safari. You will get a iPhone-specific version of the maps site, and be able to access Street View and more.
MacMost Now 713: RSS Feeds With Google Reader
With RSS reading functionality being removed from Safari and Mail in Mountain Lion, it is a good time to come up with an alternative. Google offers a free, easy-to-use and powerful RSS reader web site. It also works with several different apps so you can read your news on different devices and keep your data in sync.
MacMost Now 709: Google Drive
Google Drive is a new cloud storage system that is tied into Google Docs and your Gmail account. It is similar to DropBox and also offers a reasonable amount of storage space for free. You can use it to sync documents between your Macs or simply keep backup copies. You can also share Google Drive files with others.
MacMost Now 567: iWeb Alternative: Google Sites
Another alternative to using iWeb and MobileMe hosting is the free Google Sites product. You can create a simple web page or seers of pages and let Google host it for free. There are tons of templates to choose from and the pages are highly customizable. You can even make files available for download.
MacMost Now 565: iWeb Alternative: Google's Blogger
A great alternative to iWeb and MobileMe web hosting the Google's free Blogger service. You can use your Google or Gmail ID and create blogs using various templates and features. It many ways it is more advanced than iWeb. You can even assign a custom domain, track statistics and post articles via email.
MacMost Now 526: Google Chrome Browser
Google's Chrome browser is an interesting alternative to the pre-installed Safari browser. The address field and tabs behave differently and you can extend the browser using Google's web store. Take a look at Chrome and then check it out for yourself.
MacMost Now 510: Free iPhone SMS Text Messaging Using Google Voice
Carriers charge a premium for text messaging bandwidth. But you can send and receive text messages for free using some apps. With a Google Voice account and the Google Voice app, you can send, receive and get notifications of incoming messages even when the app isn't running.