10 New Features In Mac Messages

Apple added some new features to the Messages app on the Mac, including some that even Apple doesn't mention.

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    joe c
    2 years ago

    Are any of the imessage changes available in Monterey?Especially to delete all conversations. it's there in ios, why not macos?

    2 years ago

    Joe: Watch the video. Deleting multiple conversations is one of the things I show.

    Gene Hamelman
    2 years ago

    You can also send a delay send using Mac Mail and sending to a text message email address. Use as the send to address something like XXX-XXX-XXXX@txt.att.net use the delay send option in Mac Mail.

    Scott Carr
    1 year ago

    The messages that is on my IPAD does not show up on my MacBook Air. I have it set up in iCloud.

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