MacMost: Messages

10 New Features In Mac Messages
Apple added some new features to the Messages app on the Mac, including some that even Apple doesn't mention.
How To Schedule a Text Message On an iPhone
You can use a personal automation to schedule a text message to be sent at a specific time with your iPhone. There are a few catches, though.
New macOS Ventura Mail and Messages Features
The Mail app in macOS Ventura is gainign the ability to undo send, schedule an email, remind you about an email later, and also improved search. In Messages, you will be able to delete a message you sent and edit as well, at least for iMessage.
What's New In the macOS Messages App In Big Sur
The Messages app has several new features in Big Sur, including inline replies, mentions, pinning conversations, custom icons and names for group conversations and more.
Creating and Using Memoji On a Mac With Big Sur
In macOS Big Sur you can use Memoji and Animoji in the Messages app. You can create a Memoji, just like on the iPhone, but without any live camera features. You can then use this Memoji or one you created on an iPhone as a Memoji Sticker in a message.
iPhone iMessage Tricks To Make Messaging Fun
Messaging between iPhones with iMessage doesn't have to be just text. You can send special effects, Animoi recordings, audio, animated drawings, handwriting, stickers, and even play games. Learn how to make your conversations more fun with the tricks.
Reading Books To Children Online Using Mac Messages
While it is difficult to be in the same location with kids right now, it is possible to use Macs to be able to read with them and do other educational activities online. You can use the Messages app on two Macs to start screen sharing and then bring up a book or other content. You can talk with them while you do this and they can follow along with your cursor and highlights.
Using Memoji Stickers And a Hidden Trick To Make Your Own
iOS 13 and iPadOS give us a new Messages app feature where we can send stickers based on our Memoji or Apple's Animoji characters. Old functionality lets you send a recording with animation and audio. But you can also send your own custom Memoji or Animoji stickers if you know a little hidden trick.
Share a Name and Profile Picture or Animoji With Others in iOS 13 Messages
A new feature in iOS 13 allows you to send a name and photo to someone you are messaging with, and they can choose to use that to create a new contact. You can use a photo, your initials, take a new picture, an Apple Animoji or your own Memoji for this image.
Creating Your Own Memoji in iOS 12
If you have iOS 12 and an iPhone X, XS or XR, you can create Memoji characters to add to the existing Animoji characters to use in Messages as animated talking videos. You can design the Memoji using a variety of facial attributes. You can then use these in Messages and also in FaceTime to have a live conversation with the Memoji replacing your actual face.
Blocking iPhone Phone Calls and Messages
You can easily block a phone number or Apple ID from calling your iPhone or sending you messages. Once you block a number, you can review the list and unblock any that may have been mistakes.
iPhone X Animoji
A new feature of the iPhone X is the ability to create and send animated character videos made by using the Face ID cameras to capture your facial movements. You can choose between several fun characters and send the resulting video to anyone, not just iPhone X users.
Sending Stickers With iOS Messages
You can get sticker packs from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and then send those stickers in your iMessage conversations. You can also attach stickers to previously-sent messages to decorate the conversation. While Stickers are only available in iOS, you can receive them in Messages on the Mac.
Learn To Use Emoji By Searching
If you having trouble figuring out which emoji characters to use in Messages, you can use the handy search function to look for them by keyword. It can be tricky, however, as you often have to try multiple keywords to find what you are looking for. You can also move the cursor over the text to see the exact description of the character before you decide to use it.
Mac Screen Sharing Through the Messages App
You can help out a friend by showing them something on their Mac by taking over their screen. There are many ways to start screen sharing between Macs, but the easiest is probably by using Messages. You can request to take over their screen during a chat. You can simply point things out to them, or you can actually take control over their cursor and text input.
Typing Emoji and Other Special Characters
It is easier than ever before to add special characters like emoji or symbols to anything you type on your Mac. But just using a simple keyboard shortcut, you can browse and search through different types of characters and add them to your text. Recently, Apple added the ability to set the skin color for many emojis.
MacMost Now 777: Emoji Characters For iOS and Mac
You can type Emoji characters on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and add them to your text messages, email messages or documents. Emoji characters are color characters with small images like smiling faces, map symbols, hearts, and so on. On the iPhone and iPad you need to enable the Emoji keyboard to easily type these. On the Mac, you need to turn on your character viewer.
MacMost Now 653: Setting Up Multiple iOS Devices For Messages and FaceTime
If you own multiple iOS devices you may want each one to be able to receive its own messages and FaceTime video calls. This is handy if you have kids with their own iPods or iPads, but they are too young to have their own Apple ID. You need to specify special email accounts to be used by the Messages and FaceTime apps so you can contact that specific iOS device without all of your devices getting the message.