10 Useful Things To Add To the Mac Dock

You can add custom items to the right side of the Dock in macOS. Here are 10 examples of useful things that you can add to make it easier to access apps, files, and more.

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    3 years ago

    hey Gary, great tips (I didn't realize that by clicking and holding Launchpad would show the app list), but just wanted to say that having gotten used to Spotlight Search I find it to be the quickest way to apps and docs. I'm a minimalist so like a sparse desktop, but one nice thing about Macs, there are multiple ways to get things done.

    3 years ago

    Thank you! As Nick said, in showing us new ways to use the dock, you also taught/reminded us about existing features (like click and hold on System Preferences). I appreciate that while you are showing something, you frequently show a couple of ways to do it, teaching us even more. MacMost is a great resource!

    Jackie B
    3 years ago

    Great to learn about alias files. What do you mean by curly arrow to show that file is an alias file? Sounds like with an alias file you can store a file or document in more than one folder; and all will update. I have been creating duplicate files & labeling the original one as a duplicate does not simultaneously update the same document in another folder. Is there a link explaining more about alias files & how to create them? Also is there a way to see where all the alias files are located?

    3 years ago

    Jackie: With aliases, the file is only in one location. The alias is in the second location and you can use that to access to file. But the real file is only in the one place. See https://macmost.com/using-mac-aliases.html

    Ernie G
    3 years ago

    Liked the folder shortcuts for apps and frequently used docs in the dock. Played around a bit more and if you apply a custom icon for the folder before you transfer to the dock, that icon is carried down. Makes it super easy to identify which folder is which.

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