Using Mac Aliases

Aliases are shortcuts to folders and files that you can place anywhere in the Finder, on the desktop or in the Dock. You can use Aliases to have quick access to folders and files, while leaving those folders and files in their original locations. You can create folders full of aliases for even better access to items on the Desktop or in the Dock.

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    Richard Fuhr
    6 years ago

    There is another way to create aliases, and that is through the ln command in the Mac Terminal utility. But using the GUI-based Finder approach seems preferable.

    6 years ago

    I prefer symbolic links. Aliases have broken too easily for me. Symbolic links are available as a service -- see

    6 years ago

    threej: Symbolic links are much harder to create (as your link demonstrates) and they are also different in that you can't move them around as easily as aliases. For most Mac users, aliases is the way to go.

    6 years ago

    The best thing about Aliases is that they are so much smaller (in KB instead of MB) so the folks that insist on keeping a folder on their desktop can keep an Alias there.

    6 years ago

    I tried to create alias to Desktop without success is there a workaround?

    6 years ago

    Vlad: What did you try and where did it go wrong?

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