10 Ways To Report a Problem To Apple

If you want to report something directly to Apple, here are 10 links that will let you send them information. You can make a suggestion, report a problem with an app or content, and much more.

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    Heide Seeman
    3 months ago

    Some of my contacts no longer show on my phone, although they are on my computer and iPad in my contact list!
    What can I do to remedy this problem. Reinstall the contacts app on my phone???

    3 months ago

    Heide: Are you sure you are viewing all of your contacts? It is very easy to just view a group, or only one account when you have two, etc. I actually have a video coming out on this next week.

    Sandra Warnken
    2 months ago

    I ran into an odd ball problem that I tried one of your solutions to report. I was unaware that a very old email address was receiving notices of purchases from the app store. On apple.com I was asked to login. The Apple ID I have always used was rejected. I had to use an email. My current email is in Apple's system, but was rejected. The old email was accepted with a change of password link. I wound up with the old email becoming my ID and the response is no change. My App store uses the old ID

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