MacMost Now 414: 12 Small But Useful iOS 4 Features

Besides multitasking and app folders, there are many other new features of iOS 4 such as SMS character counts, orientation lock, spell checking, app gifting, longer passcodes and much more.
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Hi This is Gary with MacMost Now.
On today's episode lets look at some of the lesser talked about features of IOS 4.
So on the last episode of MacMost Now and all over the web people have been talking about multitasking and other major features of IOS4.But sometimes its still little things that make the difference.And there are lot of little features in IOS4 that even work on the 3GS.
Lets take a look at some of these.
First lets take a look at something in multitasking feature.You double tap on the home button ,you get the apps that are running and you can flip through them.But if you go all the way to the left,you get a special set of controls.The iPod icon is always there and you can jump into iPod even if the iPod app is not running at the moment.You can also do play,next and previous for iPod so it is very easy to access that and here on the left is the orientation lock ,click that and its just like clicking the button on the side of the iPad,so you can lock orientation very useful on the ibooks ofcourse
So here is the demonstration of the spell check feature .autocrack still works like its before.But if you do get a misspelled word in a piece of text in a standard app like here in notes it will have a red underline,you can tap it and it will give you suggestions.But You can select and it will change the word.For the abstract you have the ability to gift an app to somebody.Just go down to where you would buy the app and click gift this app and then you get to fill in the information for the recipent and personal message.When you email photo to somebody now,you can see there is one attached to the message here,when you go to send it,it will actually give you the sizing options now you can decide whether to send it as a small file,you probably should in most cases or allow it to the actual size of the photo.
When you use the spotlight search feature by going to the left of all through your screen.If you type a term in , you get your normal results like mail messages or web page book marks and things like that but you also get at the bottom search web and search wikipedia.In settings under the network you have the enable 3G as before and data roaming on and off.But you also have some new things ,one is to turn of cellular data completely such as gives you a complete unquestioned confirm that you are not going to get or recieve any cellular data if you are in an area where you are roaming.You also ofcourse have the set up internet tethering,this one is also talked about a bit in you tube now,you can now view videos in vertical mode,not just horizontal mode which can come in handy if you prefer to hold an iPhone like this.A great new feature is for SMS under settings in messages ,you can turn on character count and you can only see it appear after you get to the second line,you can see it appear right above the send button.So we also have the ability to have more secure passcodes in the general settings,go to passcode lock,here you've got simple passcodes,if its on ,its still a 4 digit number.If you turn simple pass code off then you can turn it on and type in an actual password with letters and numbers rather than just 4 digits.For gmail users there is a great new feature.Not only is your mail flooded but also you have got the ability to archive rather than delete messages.A great new addition to the note app is a fact that you've got accounts now and you can have your notes filed away in email accounts as Imap and things like Mobile me have notes that are synched.Something like it isn't mentioned very much ,you know about app folders like i've got one here.You can use an app folder in the dock down below.So you can actually populate your entire dock down here with app folders.So one of my other favourite features include the ability to open up attachments from email in third party applications if the third party application has registered itself with you or is handling something like say a PDF or word file you should be able to open those attachments using a third party app.
Also there is a birthdays calendar which will list the birthdays of people in your contacts in the calendar app.
Hope you like this look at some of the finer details of IOS4.There is a lot of other small features as well.
If you want you can list your favourites to this post at
Till next time this is Gary Rosenzweig.

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    Mike Stein
    9 years ago

    Thanks much, Gary — very helpful. I plan to upgrade my 3GS to iOS 4 in a week or so — once others finish beta testing it for me!

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