15 Useful Pages at Apple.com You Might Not Know About

Behind the front page of the Apple web site are some useful, interesting and entertaining pages. You can get PDF user manuals for your devices, submit feedback, find local user groups, view the status of Apple services, buy refurbished Macs, get Apple certification, apply for jobs, watch movie trailers and much more.

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Hi this is Gary with MacMost.com. On today's episode let's take a look at hidden pages you might not know about at Apple.com.

I want to talk about pages at the Apple.com website that you may not know about that are either useful, interesting, or entertaining.

The best place to start is support.apple.com/manuals. Here you will find the user manuals for the current Apple products and a lot of past ones as well. So if you thought, I didn't get a user manual with my iPhone, iPad, or Mac well there is one available as a pdf.

Now an interesting place to go is support.apple.com/specs. In here you will find specifications for current and past Apple products.

Apple has a special page at /batteries that talks just about the batteries and of course most Apple products use batteries. In addition to this information page you can also click on a link here on how to get the most out of your battery which includes lots of advice from Apple for different products about how to extend and best use the battery in your device.

Now a page that is really not so much a secret but people don't utilize it enough is apple.com/support. So if we go here, of course, you have all your support options for different devices. This is the main place where you start when you have trouble and you want to make a Genius Bar appointment or get help on the phone.

Here is where you also can go into the discussion area to get help in the forums and you can also schedule things like one-on-one training and things like that at Apple stores. But there is another place you can go if you are looking for some general help.

That is apple.com/usergroups. This is the gateway to finding a local user group where you can meet other Mac and other iOS device users. You can click on Find a Group which actually takes you to a special website, supported by Apple, and you can find user groups in your area. There are thousands of these across the world so even if you think, well I'm not in a big enough city to support one there probably is an Apple User Group near you and they probably meet regularly.

Now suppose you want to give Apple some feedback, for a suggestion, for something you think should be in an app or one of the products. There is a place for that as well. There is apple.com/feedback. Here you can choose your product and fill out a form to send to Apple.

Another hidden spot a lot of people don't know about on the Apple website is if you go to the subsite appleid.apple.com.
This is where you can get help with your Apple ID; also known as your iTunes account, your Apple account. You can manage it here. You can create a new account. You can reset your password.

Most big websites that have lots of different services also have a status page where you can see if the service is up or down and Apple is no exception. You go to support/systemstatus and you get this screen here that shows you all of the different parts of the Apple online ecosystem and tells you whether they are up or down and if there is any scheduled maintenance, things like that. So if something is not working for you this might be the first place to go to see if everybody is having the problem or it is just you.

Now if you looking for a place to buy Apple products of course you might know your local Apple store. You can go to apple.com/buy and from this location you can find an Apple store, certainly, but you can also find another type of retail seller.

So speaking of buying Macs, of course store.apple.com is the Apple store. One of the things you may not know is you can find refurbished Macs here. So you can go to Shop Mac and then from there you can find this little arrow here and you can scroll over to find different things like accessories and such. Eventually you get to certified refurbished and Apple has a whole little store within a store with refurbished Macs that you can buy.

There is also a section of the Apple store at this long url, us/browse/reuse_and_recycle with underscores there, where you can go and trade-in your old iPhone, iPad, or Mac for a gift card.

So, of course, a big part of the Apple website is itunes.apple.com, the iTunes store. Most of the time you view this in the iTunes app. But you can see some stuff on the web. For instance if you go to this address here you can browse music in your web browser rather that actually going to the iTunes app. You can view lots of information about groups and albums and things like that. Eventually you are going to end up going into the iTunes app. But you can look quite a bit here.

There is even a special section if you go to apple.com/itunes/charts where you can see all different iTunes charts for like top songs, books and movies and apps and things like that.

There is even another section; say the group that you want isn't in iTunes. You can go to feedback/itunes.html and it takes you right to the feedback section where you can actually request that an artist or some other content be included in the iTunes store.

Now if you are serious about using Macs and you know a lot about them and you think it could add to your career or your job or create a new job for you, you can go to training.apple.com and here is where you can get certification. So you can actually get a certification from Apple. Likewise if you want a job with Apple you can go to /jobs and then it redirects you to your local area and you can look for jobs at Apple corporate, at the retail stores, even some internship and other things.

Now no look at the hidden features at the Apple site would be complete if you didn't go to trailers.apple.com. Apple started this a long time ago mostly to promote things in iTunes and they keep up with it putting high definition movie trailers for movies. It is probably the most comprehensive trailer site that I've seen. Certainly it is better than a lot because it doesn't really have an ads on here.

For easy access I'll put a list of all of these links at this post at macmost.com.

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    4 years ago

    It would be nice if Apple looked at the previous printed manuals where there used to be graphics to show various aspects of the Mac OS in addition to text. Apple should have Concept Maps on the webpages to make the navigation among various aspects of the Mac OS X user friendly.

    Floyd Bloom
    4 years ago

    Gary– this is one of the most useful of all your video tips. How can I print or PDF the transcript?

      Ed Thorsland
      4 years ago

      I highlighted the text, pasted into a fresh printable document. Print or save as PDF from there.

    4 years ago

    I’m glad you posted this… I already knew of some of these pages, but it’s good to be reminded of them and exposed to the others.

    Seeing how my parents will be getting their first smartphones (iPhone 6) the user manual page is one they should become familiar with right away.

    Kerrie Redgate
    4 years ago

    Thank you so very much, Gary! Who would have known all that information was actually there on the Apple site! I have always found Apple’s Search bar frustrating and was actually about to write to them about it. Your posts are always so valuable. Many, many thanks!

    Daniel Gartin
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the video,i had evidently forgotten about the Apple ID page,because i had to reset my security questions because i forgot them and had i known about that page i would have fixed it a lot earlier,but it is fixed now

    Phil Kaplan
    4 years ago

    I’m always impressed by how informative and well done your videos are. Thank you.

    4 years ago

    Wow, extremely useful post, and including the links was super awesome. Thank you.

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