MacMost Now 651: 2011 Apple Year In Review

Review the year in Apple news: Mac App Store, iPad 2, iOS 5, Lion, iPhone 4S, iCloud, Steve Jobs and more.

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    9 years ago

    RIP Steve

    Daniel Gartin
    9 years ago

    Do you think the next iPhone will hsve 4G support

      9 years ago

      Maybe. But there are big downsides for Apple: larger phone thickness, less battery life, dealing with the fact that it would be a 4G phone but most people are not in range of a 4G network on their carrier of choice. Plus disappointment that some 4G networks are not really much faster than some 3G networks.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    9 years ago

    I accept that some things have got to change,but not everything. When i had a PC i was using Window`s 98,but when it changed to Window`s Vista. It was terrible,and most PC user`s agreed. Thats when i bought the Mac mini, and found it very user friendly. I then bought the iMac Snow Leopard,and i thought this was much harder to grasp. The killer for me it hadn`t been out long when they brought out Lion. To me this was a bridge too far.

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