3 Different Ways To Maximize a Window On a Mac

If you want to maximize the size of a window on your Mac, using the obvious controls may not get you what you want. Full Screen mode removes the window from the current desktop and takes it away from other windows. Zooming doesn't always expand the window to fill the screen. Learn how to really expand a window to its maximum size.

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    4 years ago

    Great video Gary, I also learn something new watching your videos.

    Nigel Turner
    4 years ago

    Thanks for this.

    I've always wondered why MacOS doesn't have a maximise (as opposed to full screen) button.

    I downloaded an App called Magnet to help me do this, but the Option>DoubleClick method is more convenient.

    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Useful tip, as always. As a Mac user going back to System 7 days who got used to clicking the green button to "maximize" the window, I have cursed Apple almost daily since they changed its behavior to "Enter Full Screen." I NEVER use full screen mode—it just gets in the way when I want to be able to access a menu or the Dock. Does anyone really find it useful enough to justify making it the default action of such a fundamental and prominent OS control (the green button)? /rant

    4 years ago

    Crashcup: Actually, yes. Many people use apps in full screen mode all the time, some almost exclusively and can't understand why others use them in windows. Myself, I rarely use full screen apps on my desktop Mac Pro with 3 monitors, but I use full screen mode for Safari and Mail on my MacBook Pro every day.

    Freddie Pineiro
    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary that was a useful tip. I use an app called BetterSnapTool, just grab the window and drag to the top of the screen and it fills the screen. It also lets you do half and quarter screen and you can select specific window sizes for different applications. I also have 3 monitors and it works perfectly.

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