6 Ways To Convert Video Files On a Mac

There are many ways to convert video files from one format to another on your Mac. Often you don't even need to convert at all, but just simply change the file extension.

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    Carol Brunger
    4 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for this video Gary. It answers so many questions.

    Christian Nelson
    3 weeks ago

    So much great information here in this video...no wasted time, just Gary explaining stuff I've often wondered about. One of the best things about Gary's videos is that he is always right...his information is reliable...*and* you can tell just by the way he talks that he actually knows what he's talking about. He doesn't fumble around, doesn't sound like he's just regurgitating something he read somewhere. Gary just might be the eighth wonder of the world.

    2 weeks ago

    Thanks Gary for the awesome video! one query : I bought a brand new USB drive (2TB) (exFAT format). When I copied few movies files(.mkv) to it, it's strange. File gets copied normally. But, when I play it in VLC, few can play it normally, but if I try to click ahead in navigation bar to let's say to timeline 00:25 or 01:00, it gets stuck. But while playing on my Mac, I could navigate to anywhere with hardly 1sec delay. And, few .mkv files can't even play from this USB drive. DOC/PDF/XLSX are ok

    2 weeks ago

    jun: Could be because the drive is so much slower than your internal one, plus the USB connection is much slower too. It may improve if you use a better video format, or if the drive was formatted for Mac instead of old Windows.

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