MacMost Podcast 8/29/07

This week on MacMost episode 21, we inform you that Ringo Starr’s solo work has been added to iTunes. We speculate that there may be iPod announcements on Sept. 5, and report on iPhone unlocking legal issues. Gary shows you how to unlock your iPhone. Our Quick Tip shows you how to set Text Edit as your default Word doc reader. In our Podcast Salad segment we feature Our Must Bookmark is and for MacMost Loot, our contest segment, we ask, “What was the original selling price for the Apple Newton eMate 300?”

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    17 years ago

    I just discovered your video podcast while exploring the iTunes Store this morning, and I look forward to more great episodes. I particularly like the older Macs displayed on your set since I host a podcast devoted to older macs at Candidate for the Podcast Salad segment??

    Keep up the great work!



    16 years ago

    Hello! I love the show and watch every episode. I just wanted to say I am now using an alternative to iTunes that is designed primarily for video podcasts. It is called Miro and is definitely worth reviewing. I did however find it a challenge to get your video-only RSS feed address until I found the title above the subscribe button is the address.

    I love iTunes and will continue to do so for audio podcasts but Miro focuses on the videos and therefore is easier to use than iTunes. There's no music, TV, radio, movies or audiobooks. Just video podcasts. That makes watching video podcasts easier and more like TV, it also supports downlaoding YouTube videos and BitTorrent files which could help you get more subscribers with faster downloading.

    Miro has over a 1000 channels now, so I hope Macmost will be a featured channel soon, and that the title of every video will reveal more than "click to pay". :o)

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