A Beginner’s Guide to Mac Context Menus

Context menus are menus that appear when you Control+click on an object in the Finder or an app. You can also usually use a two-finger click to bring it up, depending on your settings. Context menus allow you to find many functions of software that aren't obvious or are impossible to know about any other way. Control+clicking to bring up context menus is something export Mac users use all the time, but beginners may not know about.

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    Nicholas Manno
    7 years ago

    Gary, i was testing the Control key-right click vs right click. They do the same thing (at least for me). Using the Control key seems unnecessary for context. I tried this on the trackpad and the mouse with identical results.

    Am I missing something? Love your videos.

    7 years ago

    Nicholas: If you have a two-button mouse, then Control+LEFT click is the same as Right Click. Most people on Macs have a trackpad and can can do a two-finger click instead of a Right click. But that depends on their settings. Control+Click always works but if you can use Right click then do that if you like.

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