A Critical Look At Apple News+

Apple News+ is the new service from Apple where you can get the contents of about 300 magazines and other publications for $10 per month. But is Apple News+ worth it for you? A critical look finds it lacking in many areas: design, functions, and content. But there are some reasons you may still want to consider giving it a try.

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    Don Vetere
    5 years ago

    I cannot find a way to print articles from the Toronto Star or any magazines from my iPad. Even "copy to Notes" results in only a few lines copying. Can this essential service ("cutting out" an article from a newspaper or magazine) be done ?

    5 years ago

    Don: I think so. The publications are too worried about piracy.

    5 years ago

    Thanks for a different perspective on Apple News+. Another Mac blog wasn't as helpful, and didn't drill down as deeply as you did about the search issues. It changed the game for me, as did Don's comment above. I will wait for Apple to fix those deficiencies.

    5 years ago

    Great info as usual Gary! Something else - the speech feature (at least on Macs) is a bit spotty. It usually quits after about 2 paragraphs. Zooming is also a no go.

    Martin Kimeldorf
    5 years ago

    Unable to innovate anymore, they search for ways to keep the blood money coming. Who has time to read this much random material with so little control.,,itā€™s sadly indicative of a much larger problem for Apple

    5 years ago

    Apple really needs to get the newspapers on board. I know they now have the LA Times which is great. The NY Times would be a really great addition as I like their reporting but the free articles run out after 5 articles. I refuse to pay for a subscription to just the NY Times. If they got on board as part of a subscription I could read the NY Times for interesting articles and not have to pony up for a separate subscription.

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