A Critical Look At Apple News+

Apple News+ is the new service from Apple where you can get the contents of about 300 magazines and other publications for $10 per month. But is Apple News+ worth it for you? A critical look finds it lacking in many areas: design, functions, and content. But there are some reasons you may still want to consider giving it a try.

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    Don Vetere
    5 years ago

    I cannot find a way to print articles from the Toronto Star or any magazines from my iPad. Even "copy to Notes" results in only a few lines copying. Can this essential service ("cutting out" an article from a newspaper or magazine) be done ?

    5 years ago

    Don: I think so. The publications are too worried about piracy.

    5 years ago

    Thanks for a different perspective on Apple News+. Another Mac blog wasn't as helpful, and didn't drill down as deeply as you did about the search issues. It changed the game for me, as did Don's comment above. I will wait for Apple to fix those deficiencies.

    5 years ago

    Great info as usual Gary! Something else - the speech feature (at least on Macs) is a bit spotty. It usually quits after about 2 paragraphs. Zooming is also a no go.

    Martin Kimeldorf
    5 years ago

    Unable to innovate anymore, they search for ways to keep the blood money coming. Who has time to read this much random material with so little control.,,it’s sadly indicative of a much larger problem for Apple

    5 years ago

    Apple really needs to get the newspapers on board. I know they now have the LA Times which is great. The NY Times would be a really great addition as I like their reporting but the free articles run out after 5 articles. I refuse to pay for a subscription to just the NY Times. If they got on board as part of a subscription I could read the NY Times for interesting articles and not have to pony up for a separate subscription.

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