Adding Footnotes To Pages Documents

You can add footnotes to your documents in Pages. You can set styles for both the note symbols and the footnotes themselves. Footnotes can be placed at the bottom of each page, or at the end of a section or the entire document. Pages takes care of the number references so you can add and remove them easily.
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Hi, this is Gary with On today's episode let's look at adding Footnotes and Endnotes to Pages documents.

Let's start by adding a simple footnote to a Pages document. Now a footnote is going to be a reference in the text that will then have a note at the bottom of the current page. So you can easily add one by going to Insert, Footnote. You may think that what you need to do first is select the text that you want to have the footnote reference. If you do that it will actually replace the text with the footnote.

You want to put the cursor at the spot where you want the footnote to be. So I'm going to put it right there. I can then go Insert, Footnote. I'll jump to the bottom of the page and I'll see footnote number 1 and I can add my text. If I look where I added it I can see that number one appears there next to the text.

So let's add another one. I'll put that one right there and I'll do Insert, Footnote. I'll type something. Now if I were to actually insert a lot of text here it would expand the bottom here as needed to add as many footnotes, as many lines, as are needed.

So I've got footnote number 1 and footnote number 2 here. Now if you don't like the style here you can change it but that is separate from the footnote functionality. For instance I'll select this one here and let's make it bold to increase the point size by one and let's make it a different color. That's great but it only changes this one here. However I can set a Character Style so I'll click Character Styles here, I'll add a new one and I'll call this footnote number. Then I'll select the second footnote here and I will set that as well.

So if I were to set a third footnote right there and go back to here I would have to manually set this but it is pretty easy because I've got the footnote number there. If I wanted to change it, say I wanted to make it a different color, I wanted to make it green there, it won't change it here unless I go in to Character Styles and Update that style. Now it updates all those. So I get to customize how the footnotes look if I want by combining footnotes with Character Styles.

Now the footnotes themselves down here, when you select, they've got their own styles as well. So I can select in text here and if I go to format text I can see that the style is set to Footnote and I could update that if I were to change it here, make it bold for instance, then I would have an Update button and it would update everything. So I do have the chance to do that.

Also notice when I select Footnotes in addition to format text I have format footnotes. I have a few options that I can choose here. One is I can use different numbering schemes. I can also decide whether I want the numbering to be continuous so if I added another footnote three pages after this it would be number 4. Or I can say every page starts with number 1 or I can do it by section as well. I can add some spacing between the notes so I have some control over how footnotes actually appear on a page.

Now you actually have two different types of footnotes. One are footnotes and the other are endnotes. The difference is that endnotes appear at the end of a document instead of the bottom of every page. Now you can only use one or the other in a paged document.

So now that I've actually created some footnotes it's set as footnotes and I can't insert an endnote is what they're called. But I can actually go in here and go to Format, Footnotes and switch to Document Endnotes or Section Endnotes.

Document endnotes would actually get rid of it there and if I go all the way to the bottom of the document there would be a new page where it actually has all of the footnotes. Now if I go to add another one, like here actually let's do it right here, I'll insert and I can do Document Endnote. See Footnote changed to that. Notice when I do that it inserted it between the second and third one, moving the third one down to fourth. So you don't have to worry about manually numbering these whether they are footnotes or endnotes. It will work either way.

If you want to delete a footnote or endnote you can basically just select the actual note, right there, and hit the Delete key. That will actually renumber them. So you can see that the second note here, which I didn't style originally, that was the third one that got changed to number two and the fourth one got changed to number three and the note is now missing. It's and endnote and it's missing here from the end.

Also you can, from a footnote or an endnote, you can easily jump to them if you want to see where this one is. The trick is to double click on the number. Now when you do that the cursor is now at that location but it's not going to take the page there. But if I just use the forward or backward arrow key it will quickly jump to where I've been. So you can do that very easily by just double clicking on the number at the footnote or endnote and using the arrow keys.

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    GREAT. You move a bit too fast. May I suggest you not move your cursor superfluously. You tend to make swirling movements before landing on a spot, and it is hard to keep track. I’ve been on iMacs for 13 years and don’t realize how much I don’t know until I watch your videos. Keep up the great work. You’re a natural.

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