MacMost: Pages

Understanding Curly and Straight Quotes
When you type quotation marks on your Mac you'll usually get curly quotes that curl correctly depending on what you are typing. Learn what curly quotes are, how they work, and how to use straight quotes instead if you like.
Techniques for Creating Letterhead Templates in Mac Pages
You can create your own custom templates that have your letterhead at the top of the first page, all pages, or different letterhead for first and subsequent pages. You can then easily use this template to create future documents.
Creating Connection Lines in Keynote and Freeform
You can use connection lines in Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Freeform to create organization charts, diagrams, infographics and much more.
How To Print a Portion of a Page on a Mac
If you just want to print a portion of any document, you can jump from the Print Dialog to Preview very easily, select an area, crop or create a new document, and print that. You can also use this to share or save a portion of a document.
New Export Options In Pages
The new versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote allow you to export the document and send it directly to someone else via email, AirDrop, Messages or other methods. This saves you the steps of needing to create an export file first and then attach it.
Including Multiple Page Sizes In a Single PDF
If you need to have multiple page sizes in a single document, like vertical and horizontal pages, you must first create the different page sizes in separate documents in Pages. Then you can combine them in Preview.
How and Why To Make Your Own Pages Template
You don't need to change the font every time you open Pages. Instead you can create your own template that is set up like you want and start with that every time.
How To Paste Without Styles or Formatting on a Mac
When you paste text it usually brings along all of the styles such as the font, size, bold, color, and so on. However, most apps allow you to paste using Paste and Match Style to strip the clipboard of its styling and use the settings at the current insertion point in your document.
Tips for Using the Ventura Print Dialog
When you want to print a document or web page you need to go through the Print Dialog on your Mac. This is where you set all of the options before sending the document to your printer. Learn how to use the new Print Dialog in macOS Ventura along with lots of tips and tricks.
Mac Pages Tricks for Reusing Image Settings
If you want to have a lot of images in your Pages document and they all need to be the same size and other attributes, you can use a variety of techniques to reuse attributes over tens or hundreds of images. This same technique works for Keynote as well.
Custom Paper Sizes In Mac Pages
You can create a custom page size with any width or height you like. The trick is knowing where to do to create these sizes, and then how to adjust other things like margins and headers after changing.
Learn How To Use Mac Pages In 5 Minutes
Learn how to create a Pages document and add text with formatting, line spacing, headers and footers and much more in this quick tutorial. If you need to get up to speed fast to start a report or paper, this tutorial is for you.
How To Deal With Unusual Page Numbering In Mac Pages
Learn how to set up your Pages documents for title pages, front matter, left and right facing pages, skipped pages and much more.
13 Ways To Make Images Stand Out In Pages Documents
There are many better ways to use images in a Page document other than as a plain rectangle. Learn about borders, tinting, shapes, instant alpha, shadows and even using them in charts.
Better Than Multiple Selections In Pages
You Can't Select Multiple Non-Contiguous Portions Of Text In Mac Pages. But Most Of The Time People Want To Do This It Is To Apply A Style On Those Portions Of Text. Learn How To Do This More Efficiently Using Character Styles In Pages.
How To Make Signs With Mac Pages
You can easily create one-page signs in Mac Pages using Page Layout mode. Add text, symbols, arrows, shapes, borders and more. Save them and reuse them by changing text later on.
Printing Labels Using Mac Pages
You can easily create a simple labels template to print a list of addresses to labels in Pages. The list can come from text or a Number spreadsheet. You can also modify pre-made labels templates to work better.
How To Make Your PDF Files Smaller
Sometimes you need to create PDF documents that are small enough to upload or submit with a size restriction. You can use Preview to compress the images in a PDF file, but you get better results with more control if you work with the images in the original document.
How To Use Alignment Guides In Mac Pages
There are three kinds of alignment guides in Pages. Learn how to use them to quickly align objects in word processing or page layout documents.
How To Use Mail Merge With Pages On a Mac
A new feature in Pages 12.1 is the ability to create envelopes, letters, invitations and other things by merging address data from the Contacts app or a Numbers spreadsheet.