Adjusting Photos On Your Mac With Affinity Photo

You can use Affinity Photo to make adjustments and apply filters to your photos directly from the Photos app. By using adjustment layers, you can test out different changes and play with settings to get the result you want.

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    Patrick Mc Namee
    4 years ago

    Gary, Bravo for a great introduction to Afffinity Photo. Here's a couple of things that your viewers should know:
    1. I was an avid Photoshop user until with Catalina, they moved to a much more expensive pay only model. This prompted me to move to Affinity Photo ($50 once only) and I will never return to Photoshop. 2. Affinity Photo are publishing in September on You Tube a weekly series of Creative Sessions. These are really worth watching.
    Thanks again Gary always easy learning from you.

    4 years ago

    Another great video. Thank you!

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