Adjusting Volume and Brightness In Small Steps

You can adjust the volume and brightness on your Mac and iOS devices in various ways. On a Mac, you can use modifier keys along with the function keys for fine adjustments. You can also use the sliders in System Preferences. In iOS on the iPhone and iPad you can use the Control Center to make fine adjustments to volume and brightness.

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    Patti Smith
    6 years ago

    I donā€™t have that icon on my control panel for adjusting sound. How do I get it there?

    6 years ago

    Patti: Go to System Preferences, Sound, then check "Show volume in menu bar."

    Jest Ciddn
    6 years ago

    I have OS 10.11.6 El Capitan on my iMac and I cannot locate any control for the volume other that the icon in the top bar which I can only "drag" up or down.
    Any solutions?

    6 years ago

    Jest: I believe if you are still on El Capitan, then all you get is that simple slider. You'll need to upgrade your macOS for the latest features.

    6 years ago

    I learned something new today, thanks Gary.

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