Adobe Releases Shockwave for Intel Macs

(Note: Adobe has not yet updated their main Shockwave link, but you can download Shockwave 11 for Intel Mac here:
Adobe, which bought Macromedia some years back, has finally released a version of the Shockwave browser plug-in for Macs with Intel processors. You can get Shockwave version 11 here. Shockwave is a browser plug-in like Flash, but it plays back content created in Adobe Director. The main difference today is that Director allows for the creation of real 3D content, using Open GL on the Mac. There are thousands of Web applications and games in Shockwave that have been unavailable to Intel Mac users since the last released version of Shockwave was only for PowerPC processors. There was a work-around to get Shockwave 10 to work in Safari or Firefox, but it also would slow down browser performance so few people used it.
Once you get the new version of Shockwave, head over to the free online games at to try some Shockwave games like World Conquest, Word Spy, Something Fishy, Block and Roll and Free Style.
There is one catch to Shockwave 11 for Mac, though. It uses a new physics engine for 3D games. Many of the older Shockwave 3D games use an old physics engine and are not compatible. It will take some time for developers to port their old Shockwave 3D games that use physics to work on Macs.