MacMost Now 59: All About Twitter

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at Twitter, the free service that lets you and your friends keep track of each other. Follow Gary on twitter by going to

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    Mr Anthony Cotton
    13 years ago

    I joined Facebook, but it annoyed me. I stopped it all together,and i still get emails that someone has winked at you twice,and you have 2 emails. I even have great difficulty logging in,and when i get in, no winks ,no emails. Mac most is the only site where i keep coming. You have that personal touch. To tell you the truth i don`t no where you get the time from,and you answer questions personally. Well i will give Tweeter a go.

    Donna Brooks
    12 years ago

    Gary, is there a desktop Twitter app for Mac that you recommend? What is the best way to easily post items on Twitter from several different browsers?

      12 years ago

      I would just use the official Twitter app. If you want to post from the browser, just go to the Twitter web site.

      Shane Phillips
      12 years ago

      I use echofon. They have mobile,web,iPad app and Mac app. Anger one I like is tweetbot which just came out with an iPad app

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