An Astronomer in your Pocket?

You might look into your iPhone and discover that it’s full of stars. That is, if you download one of these cool astronomy apps for your iPhone.
iSkygaze provides backyard astronomers with information on where and when objects will be viewable from their location. It provides rise/set times, current location in sky and basic brightness, as well as some other information on several easily viewable night sky objects. I do wish it expressed magnitude in standard numbers though.
The folks at bring us Starry Night Mobile, an iPhone friendly version of their stellar astronomy app Starry Night.
This is a super cool web app that lets you set any time or location and see a graphic representation of the sky.
My personal hobby is to watch satellites pass overhead from my hot tub. Though I would not get an iPhone near a hot tub, there’s an app that will let me know what to look for before I get in. Look Up is another little App that will let you know when some of the bigger satellites will be passing overhead. If you want to view information all the satellites that might be visible from your location, you’ll still have to go to the Heavens-above Website.
I’m hoping that when the SDK for the iPhone arrives, that we’ll see some cool telescope control apps from the iPhone.