Animating Along a Path In Keynote

You can create complex motion animations in keynote using a variety of functions. An object can follow the path of a shape. You can also add scaling, rotation and other special effects. You can also build an animation step-by-step and combine changes into a single movement.

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    lauren eisen
    10 years ago

    awesome! thank you for the very helpful & useful tutorial!

    Law Thim Fook
    10 years ago

    Great tip, Gary. Thanks and with much gratitude.



    Juan Salazar
    10 years ago

    Gary, I follow your instruction step by step but I can't get available the option "Make motion path from shape"

      10 years ago

      This is a great idea in keynote and I am really wanting to use it. I have the latest version and no matter how much I try to send the star to the back or front, I cannot get "make motion path from shape" to work. It is constantly greyed out. I think the previous comment is also having the same problem. Macmost is great and if wasn't for Macmost, I would have sold my mac and gone back to horrible windows.

        10 years ago

        Try creating a blank Keynote presentation. Just put one item on the slide, and try it with that. Get the hang of it first, and then try it in an existing project.

    Lou Schultz
    10 years ago

    I need take an object on a slide and move it to a specific location. Next I need to start a new slide and have the original object at the location it was moved to on slide one. I could do these easily with the old version of keynote but not with the new one. I may have as many as 25 objects I am moving on a slide and now I have to copy each position and paste a copy at this position on the next slide. It is taking me forever.

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