MacMost Now 562: Announcing Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud

Today's Apple keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference focused on the upcoming versions of Mac OS X, iOS and a new service called iCloud. Here's a summary of today's news.

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    9 years ago

    Wow! Love the music feature for converting ripped or downloaded song in iCloud.
    Hardest thing is syncing “all” my music!

    Thanks Gary!

    9 years ago

    Gary, will iMacs using the Magic Mouse be able to take advantage of Lion’s improved gesture UI? I’m speaking of “pinching” and other such gestures.


    sami elias
    9 years ago

    Dear Gary
    During the upgrade to lion , do I need to reinstall the other software like IWORK or restore all my mail and everything again ?
    does the upgrade process leaves all as it it was?

      9 years ago

      No. Installing an OS upgrade does not delete your applications or files.

    9 years ago

    will icloud auto send info to my itoucj ipod

      9 years ago

      It will work with iPod touches as long as they are capable of running iOS 5.

    G Tyler
    9 years ago

    I wish AirPlay would work with my older Apple TV. They really abandonned it. Thinking of trying a home grown OS on it. Any advice on that? Guess Lion won’t work on my old MacMini with just a Core Duo CPU and 2GB RAM. You forgot to mention web bookmark synching with iCloud. I hope they give us enough warning in case I have to move my parked domain and lose the iDisk file sharing feature. I am imagining all the hardware products they can build around iCloud. What a great strategy.

    9 years ago

    Gary,if i update my imac to lion will it also update my itouch ipod
    Thanks for your kind reply

      9 years ago

      Those are two different things. Lion is a version of OS X that runs on Macs. Your iPod Touch uses iOS, which is a different operating system. Upgrading your Mac to Lion won’t change anything on your iPod Touch.

    9 years ago

    Dear Gary,
    Thx for the great video.
    Any idea about the picture gallery on MobileMe? Will that still be poss. in iCould?
    I read about the photo-stream but it does not seem to be the same as the photogallery in MMe?
    I’m launching a website soon and wanted to know if I would not do better by getting a Picasa space or something similar with MMe disappearing?

    Thanks for your advise,

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