Apple Announces Charger Exchange, Apple Accounts For Kids

In response to several accidents caused by poorly-made third-party chargers, Apple is offering a program that will help people upgrade to official chargers. Starting August 16, you can bring those adapters to Apple Stores and exchange them for Apple ones for $10. Here’s the official page for the program:
Giving kids iOS devices has been getting more difficult as these devices rely more and more on iCloud which has been closed off to those under 13. But Apple took a big step in fixing the problem by changing the iTunes terms and conditions to allow kids to have Apple accounts, at least if it is part of their school’s program. You can read more here:

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    Mr Anthony Cotton
    8/9/13 @ 9:51 am

    I have just read about the death of a chinese woman while using the iPhone while it was charging up.
    Their is still no official statement what caused her death. Every body is speculating about it.
    Apple could donate some money towards her death when they find out what caused her death.
    No Apple is going to make a lot of money with there Apple one`s costing $10 I find it a disgrace about this. I have a Galaxy S III complete with charger,Headphones and a USB connector for one price unlike Apple.

      8/9/13 @ 11:22 am

      FYI: iPhones comes with a charger, headphones and a USB connector. Also, Apple usually charges $19 for this charger, so they are offering it at $10 as a replacement. I’m sure they are not losing money on the deal, but still, it is something that they are offering this deal to help people be safer.

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