Apple Announces SDK for iPhone Developers

Today Apple announced it will be releasing their internal SDK (Software Development Kit) for 3rd parties to use to build iPhone applications.
This SDK includes similar pieces to the Mac SDK, but replaces the top level Cocoa used on Macs, with Cocoa Touch, specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
The SDK includes many core services, like the ability to exchange data with the iPhone contacts application, get the physical location of the phone, mix and record audio, access the camera, play back video, and even including an embedded version of OpenGL, the 3D rendering service on Macs.
Developers will also have access to an iPhone simulator on their Mac that will help them test iPhone software before testing on a live iPhone.
At the press conference, several demonstration applications were shown, including a mini version of the upcoming Electronic Arts game Spore, a Super Monkey Ball game from Sega, an application from, another from Epocrates, and an AOL Instant Messenger client.
For distribution, there will be a new “App Store” application on the iPhone that will allow users to browse and select applications to download. Similar functionality will be available via iTunes on your computer, with the application pushed to your iPhone during the next sync.
The App Store will be the ONLY way for developers to distribute content. Developers will pick the price, and Apple will keep 30% of the revenue, paid monthly. Developers can also choose to distribute their applications for free.
This will be version 2.0 of the iPhone software, shipping to iPhone users in late June as a free update to iPhone users, but iPod Touch users will have to pay for the update.
The iPhone SDK will be available from the Apple site later today. It will cost $99 to join the developer program.
Interesting facts from the Q&A Following the press conference:

  • VOIP (Voice over IP) will be allowed, but only over Wi-Fi.
  • The $99 developer fee also allows Apple to certify and track developers.
  • Apple doesn’t intend to make money from the App Store, the 30% fee is for costs.
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