Apple Gift Guide 2018

Here are some suggestions for gifts for Apple fans. You can buy some pricey accessories like AirPods, an Apple TV or Apple Pencil. You can also find Appel Watch bands at almost any price, as well as battery and charging accessories at a variety of prices too.
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So it's this time of year again. Let's take a look at some gift ideas for Apple fans. So Apple has this gift guide on their website. It's the first thing that comes up. Let's skip right over that and jump right to some of the things that I think make good gifts and are reasonably priced.

Number one on my list has to be AirPods. This is primarily because I got these as a gift this time last year. I was really hesitant to get these. I thought the would fall out of my ears. I thought I'd loose them. I thought they really wouldn't be any better than wire headphones, just a lot more expensive. But I asked for them as a gift. I got them and you know what? It's the most surprisingly good Apple product I've gotten in years. I love them. I don't go anywhere without them. I listen to audiobooks and music while walking, while biking, while relaxing around the house. Whatever. These things go with me everywhere.

They're not that badly priced. So, you know, they're something that I think would be a good cool gift because as soon as you open it up, as soon as you get your hands on them and start playing around with them it's kind of neat. Then you start listening to them and you realize how good they are you really appreciate them. I know I love mine and I have to make that my number one pick.

Second, this year, is the Apple Pencil because I think a lot of people get an iPad and decide not to get the pencil. It's kind of neat and fun to play with especially if they like to draw at all. So a second generation Apple Pencil for anybody getting one of the new iPad Pros or if you're getting one of the older iPads or the standard iPad you want to get that first generation Apple Pencil. They are reasonably priced. It's $129 for the new one, but it's $99 for the old one.

Now Apple watchbands are great because really you can go at any price level you want. If somebody has an Apple Watch it's great to have a bunch of Apple Watchbands. Your Apple Watch is kind of this cool thing that you can go and workout with with one type of band and then you dress up and got out, you just change the band and now it's kind of this elegant thing on your wrist. So getting a really cool set of bands, you know, for every occasion is kind of neat. You can get them for really very little money. They can be great stocking stuffers in fact just to get all sorts of fun interesting ones. If you don't shop at Apple of course and you shop at a place like Amazon you'll find tons of them and there's not as much fear of getting them from a third party because they're just bands, right. They're just something that goes on your wrist. They're not electronics that work and have to be compatible in someway. Most of these you can just look at the reviews and find out whether they fit well with the Apple Watch.

A little more expensive item, but one that I think is worth getting somebody if they don't have one already, is an Apple TV. I really love mine. It has all these apps and you can get apps for all your favorite stations. You can cut the cord or you can just use as a supplement to your existing cable provider. Instead of remembering to watch as show you can just go into the HBO app or Showtime app or, you know, A&E app, or whatever it is and just watch the shows there. Then, of course, there's Netflix, Hulu, and all this other stuff and movie rentals without having to leave your house. It's a really cool product. It's even really cool for music. Just hooked up to good speakers and you can use it to go through your Apple music collection and play some tunes.

Now here's one you may not have thought of. If somebody has an iPhone 8 or newer then their iPhone can be charged wirelessly. But they may not have thought to actually try this out. These chargers called Qi chargers, Qi, are really pretty cheap. I mean you can see here, under $20, and there are a whole bunch of them. I've got one that cost be about this and it works fine. It's what I use to charge my iPhone X. It works great. So just, you know, read to make sure it's compatible with the iPhone but most of them are. They are really neat little gifts that don't cost too much.

Now thinking also of batteries as well getting one of these little battery packs is really cool because it just extends the life of the battery on your phone by a lot. It allows you to take it on trips and do things like that. If you have a phone that's getting older too and it's not quite reaching the end of the day on the battery because the battery is a few years old this can really help. Two brands that I like are RAV power and Anker right now. You know it's kind of hit or miss. These aren't perfect devices but, you know, it's a fun gift and they come in a variety of prices as well.

Now if none of these fit you can always go with a gift card. You can go to the Apple site and you can search there and easily find a way to order gift cards by email. So at the last minute you can buy one of these and have it sent by email or just maybe print it out with the code and you've got an instant gift.

So there are some ideas. If you've got ideas for gifts for Apple fans you can leave them as comments to this post at

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    5 months ago

    I really enjoy your videos. I have question for you on this topic. I always give my kids a year membership to Apple Music for Christmas every year. I normally purchase this through the Apple Store Website. For some reason I don’t see it this year. Are you familiar with this product and can you help men locate it?

    5 months ago

    I don’t see it in the “store” but you can get it through the app. See near the bottom for instructions.
    But that is probably not the best option. As students, they can get it for $5/month. Or, the family price for $15/month may be the best option for you.

    5 months ago

    Thanks for the gift suggestions Gary. As a back up charger, I really like the Jackery. It comes with built in cables. I gave them to my family last year and they have all loved and used it.

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