Apple Gift Guide 2022

Looking for a reasonably-priced gift for an Apple fan? Sick of seeing suggestions like iPhones and MacBook Pros? Here are some real-life ideas for gifts that prioritize fun over function.

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    Nguyen Thi Thao
    2 years ago

    Hello I’m from Vietnamese, I am live in Philippines
    Merry Christmas comming,Hope you happy everyday 🎁🎄🎉🎈🛍🍀

    Braden Minaker
    2 years ago

    My wife really likes the Apple Pencil I got her for her iPad. She likes using it with coloring apps and honestly to play most of the games on there. She likes using it more than her finger. It's just the Apple Pencil 1st gen, but it works great for our low-level use.

    Also, I've got beats on-ear headphones I like for gaming or longer listening sessions. They connect the same as AirPods, which is great, but a lot cheaper than AirPods Max, but probably not as nice either.

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