Apple Quarter Disappoints Investors

Apple reported more than $54 billion in revenue in the previous quarter, $13 billion in profit. This was from almost 48 million iPhone sales, almost 23 million iPads, almost 13 million iPods and more than 4 million Macs. Lower iMac sales were apparently due to inventory problems as the new iMac models were only available in very limited numbers.
Apple’s stock price was down sharply this morning as Wall Street expected more iPhone sales, and Apple’s guidance for the next quarter were below expectations.
Apple TV had a good year in 2012 with 2 million units being sold in the final quarter. Including media purchases and rentals using Apple TV, it is estimated that the device is now a $500 million business.
Apple did well in 2012 with cloud services. The number of iCloud users reportedly grew from 85 to 250 million during the year. iMessage accounts for about 2 billion messages sent each day.
In other news, the movie jOBS is scheduled to come to theaters on April 19. stars. The Steve Jobs biopic stars Ashton Kutcher and will show at the Sundance Film Festival tomorrow.