Club MacMost Exclusive: Are Apple Accessories Worth It?

So here's a long rambling video on the subject. I want to find a way to present this material better (and in under 10 minutes). But the basics are: <ul> <li>Apple cables seem better than cheap cables, but that's only worth it some of the time.</li> <li>Apple adapters also seem better, but it is rarely worth it to spend the extra money.</li> <li>Apple power adapters are good, but too expensive and you should get cheaper third-party ones that are also smaller and have more features.</li> <li>Apple Keyboards and Mice are more expensive by far, but worth it.</li> <li>Trackpad is better than a mouse and nothing compares to Apple's Trackpad.</li></ul>What do you think? Let me know if you disagree and why.

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