MacMost Now 696: Arranging Apps In iOS

Learn how to arrange your app icons on the Home screen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can also put apps in app folders or along the bottom of your screen. You can launch hard-to-locate apps from the search screen instead of finding the app's icon.

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    Spaceward Ho
    12 years ago

    Nice to see the Spaceward Ho! icon on your iPad :)

    Shirl Parker
    12 years ago

    I appreciated the tip for searching for apps. Thank you. While you didn't mention this, I'm sure you know you can also arrange your apps in ITunes on your Mac, which is somewhat easier when you are moving apps from screen to screen.

    12 years ago

    After you arrange your apps on mac, will that arrangements show up in ipad after sync? thx

      12 years ago


        12 years ago

        Hi! thank you for the tips, they're very helpful.. but how do i get back my "settings" icon on my home screen.. for some reason, i lost it.. and although i could launch it from the search screen, i would really prefer to have it back on my home screen.. thanks!

          12 years ago

          Look carefully in each app folder and screen to find it. If you really can't find it, your only option is to go into settings. General, Reset and reset the home screen -- which will mess up any arrangements you may have made.

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