How To Lock iPhone Apps With Your Passcode

By using a Shortcuts automation, you can make it seem like one or more of your regular iPhone or iPad apps are locked and require your passcode to access. This low-security technique could prevent others from gaining access to important apps.

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    1 year ago

    Great tip Gary! Thanks for this.

    1 year ago

    Smart tip, Gary, thank you. Apple will surely be adapting this - about time!

    David Christensen
    1 year ago

    I followed this step by step. I have a different menu than you in automation I click open and select the app I don't get " Done" I get "next "clicking next it goes to actions. send message, open app & play music. I clicked on open app and another menu open chose from menu, if & stop this shortcut. I have a iPhone 13 and the same iOS but my menus are different than yours. it is so much more complicated then you demonstrated.

    1 year ago

    David: Sounds like you aren't following along with what I am showing. I show Done and then Next both if you look closely. Then I show just what you describe here in your comment, but it sounds like you are not taking the same steps I am showing.

    Graham Hoare
    1 year ago

    Gary- Great tip thanks- been looking for this type of protection for my iPhone & Ipad app's which have personal info .
    I look forward to your weekly email- always something helpful- well done.

    1 year ago

    Hi Gary, This is great thank you. I have two home wifi addresses, one for 2.4 & one for 5 ghz. I've successfully set up one automation for one of the two networks, is it possible to add a second wifi name to the same automation? I've tried but with no luck. Thanks in advance. Kathy

    1 year ago

    Kathy: Yes. Just have more parts to that IF statement. Check for one, then check for the other.

    Debbie Jenkins
    1 year ago

    My grandchildren love accessing my phone. However, I have somethings they do not need to see. Thank you

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