MacMost Now 913: Back to School With Your Mac

There are many apps that come with your Mac that you can use in school. The Dictionary app is more than just a way to look up definitions. You can also use it to browse and search the world's largest encyclopedia. The Grapher and Calculator apps come in useful, and the free Google Maps app can help with geography. But perhaps the most useful educational app is iTunes because of access to thousands of free lessons through iTunes U.

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    11 years ago

    Loved this video because I had no clue about the simple functionality my iMac could help me with in business along with school. Thanks Gary!!

    11 years ago

    Thanks Gary for another great informative video ! Just on the topic of dictionary, something your followers may not know is the dictionary functionality built into Safari. Just double click/highlight a word, then right click on the word. A menu should appear on the right click, with the first option being to look up that word, which will the give a definition.
    You may have already covered this function in any Safari videos, but it's also a helpful one to know for dictionaries.

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