MacMost Now 14: Backing Up and Archiving

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at backup procedures, including Apple's Backup program that comes with .Mac, and Leopard Time Machine. He also talks about archiving and backing up off-site. Some 3rd party backup applications we found were Data Backup 3.0, Retrospect Desktop, Synk Backup and BackityMac.

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    16 years ago

    re: alternative occupancy for multiple cds of backed up work.

    there is also the possibilty of having your work on a virtual place such as google docs, which grants easy access. I was also thinking why is the time machine a good idea? it means buying an external hard drive when dell laptops offer double to 120 as standard?

    14 years ago

    is it not enough to just drag and drop the HDD icon to copy it all on an external drive?
    Would one be able to put it back into applications , lets say if one is upgrading to snow leopard?
    Or does one lose one´s data if one just upgrades to snow leoprad ( from tiger) ?

      14 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. You can backup by just copying the drive, yes. But it isn't as efficient in many ways as Time Machine or another backup solution. And I don't understand how it relates to upgrading. If you upgrade you don't need to move applications back -- unless you choose to erase the hard drive or something. A normal upgrade just replaces the OS, not the applications or documents.

    mike green
    13 years ago

    (new apple user) How do I view backed up files thru time machine and external hard drive?

      13 years ago

      Run Time Machine. Go to the Time Machine menu icon in your menu bar and select "Enter Time Machine." But before you do that, go to a Finder window that shows the files you want to see. For instance, if you want to see files from yesterday that are in a folder named "My Projects," then go to that folder first, then Enter Time Machine and you will be able to look at the history of files kept in that folder. You can also do it with photos, email, etc (see episode 237:

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