MacMost Now 22: Beginner Leopard Books

Gary Rosenzweig looks at two books about Mac OS X Leopard for beginners: Easy Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Leopard On Demand.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Hi this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. Today I'm going to take a look at two books for beginners about Mac Os X Leopard. The first one is Easy Mac Os X Leopard by Kate Binder. It's a short less than the hundred page book in large format with lots of colorful pictures and easy to follow diagrams. In this book you're going to find about a hundred easy to follow step by step tutorials that have the very basic things. It's excellent for the absolute beginner, somebody maybe just getting used to use a computer or somebody that has just switched from windows to mac and is kind of a casual user. For instance there are chapters on how to burn a music CD or how to use templates in mail, how to view and rss feed, living in and out with multiple users, joining a wifi network, that sort of thing. If you take a look at it you can see that the tutorials are very easy to follow, big with numbers on them, arrows pointing to full color screen shots, take a look. Here's the tutorial on ripping music from CD's into iTunes. And you can see that it's probably easy for just about anybody to follow no matter what their level of experience. The second book is Mac Os X Leopard on demand by Steve Johnson. This one goes a little more in detail, it's a little longer and basically has some more advanced tasks for users that are a little further along but it also has a lot of basic stuff too. This book is about five hundred and fifty pages and contains a lot of detail about topics. For instance you can find things on how to pattern new printers, there's an entire chapter dedicated to automater, synchronizing and tracking information, maintaining you computer even the hardware. So you are going to find a lot more detailed information, but it also definitely has the basic stuff like just being able to just get e-mail, join dot Mac, editing text, text edit, that kind of thing. So for instance this is what a section looks like on resetting the administrator password there is a little bit more text but there are still some screen shots that can be pretty easy to follow along but the topics are more detailed than the first book. Mac Os X Leopard On Demand retails for about forty dollars and definitely goes more into depth for a more than casual user. I'd recommend it for somebody that has the time to go through all the different things or finds that they need to do more intermediate tasks and can't find good information on the web about how to do them. On the other hand Easy Mac Os X Leopard is great for absolute beginner and people switching from windows and definitely for more casual users like home users. It's something that I may get for a friend who maybe got their first Mac and kind of feels they want to know how to get around a little bit more and has some time to do that. Either way either book are kind of a good addition for beginner users. Until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now."