Build Unique Custom iMovie Transitions With Keynote On Your Mac

You can create your own transitions for iMovie using Keynote. But making simple one or two-slide presentations that include a transparent background, you can export short videos that can be used as overlays in iMovie. These overlays can be applied to become a transition between one clip and another. They can also be customize with graphics to fit your style or theme in the video.

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    Louise Kienast
    4 years ago

    Thanks again for the lesson. I made an opening for a video of my week at the beach by using a graphic image of a camera lens against a black background. Inside the lens I placed a video altered using an iPad app called Living Planet. The video shows the beach as a globe shape with the waves circled around and the sky around that. A few birds dive into the water. I could place the titles on top. They named the Apple Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand iPlay for a reason.

    John Clark
    4 years ago

    Those were neat transitions.

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