Camera for iPad

So the iPad doesn’t have a camera. But your iPhone does. With Camera for iPad you can link the two of them together and control your iPhone’s camera from your iPad. It can also be used with an iPhone and iPod Touch. It works using either the local wi-fi network, or bluetooth directly from one camera to the other.

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    6/28/11 @ 7:59 am

    I can transfer the videos from my Sony / casio camera to the iPad but cannot play them or email them . Can you pls advise how to manage playing the files on the iPad ?

      6/28/11 @ 12:17 pm

      The iPad can only play videos that are compatible. So assume that your video format isn’t (typical of Sony cameras, BTW).
      So you can only use the iPad as a temporary storage device for those videos (I assume you are using the USB/SD camera kit?)
      You can play them on your iPad but only after you have moved them to your Mac or PC, converted them to a standard format and transferred them back using iTunes.

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