Change Menubar Icon Order

So you know those icons that appear in the upper right part of your screen in the menu bar? If you want to re-arrange them, all you need to do is hold the Option and Command keys down, and then click and drag the icons left or right. You can also remove an icon by dragging it down and out of the menubar.

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    Trisha Cupra
    11 years ago

    I used to do this in Leopard, but since installing Snow Leopard, I haven't been able to do this at all. It simply doesn't work for me except on menu icons that are part of the OS X system, like the volume icon. Other app's icons, like Skype and Twitter, seem fixed in place.

      Earl Walker
      11 years ago

      I have the same issue - it only works on the Apple native icons (not Dropbox / Sophos etc.)

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