Cheaper Alternatives To the New Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever, but it comes with a huge price tag. But if you are looking for a pro-level Mac, you have other choices. You can get the iMac Pro, which is cheaper and comes with its own 5K screen. You can also get an upgraded regular iMac or MacBook Pro. A budget option is to get an upgraded Mac mini with an external GPU.

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    5 years ago

    Love these videos, Gary! Thanks heaps! The external GPU for the mini? I know very little about what the GPU even is! So ... if I'm using a computer for communication by message, audio & video - like webinars & LIVEs; research; storing things; would I need to have this GPU with me everywhere I go? Sounds like it's defeating the purpose of having a portable laptop if we need to carry a box around. Or is the GPU for people (like my OBM) working a lot with graphics? Thanks!

    5 years ago

    Lynne: For those things you wouldn't need the eGPU at all. I'm suggesting the eGPU as a way to boost the power of a Mac mini and perhaps connect multiple screens to it. You wouldn't get one for a MacBook unless it was a way to attach one or more desktop screens to it.

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