Cinematic Text Reveal With Mac Keynote

You can create a cinematic text reveal using just Keynote and iMovie on your Mac. By using a shape mask in Keynote, you can place some parts of an image on top of your text and other parts behind it. You can also mask titles with a green screen to then use in iMovie on top of actual video footage.

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    John S
    3 years ago

    Dude you are hard core! How do you think of this stuff? I love it.

    R Smith
    3 years ago

    That! IS freaking Amazing! More videos like that!!! Thanks

    3 years ago

    These are always my favorite tutorial videos. I like that you incorporate Keynote with iMovie. Please keep the "interaction" videos coming. Thanks.

    Thim Fook Law
    3 years ago

    Gary, much thanks for this FANTASTIC tip! Wasn't even aware of such a possibility/feature until this video of yours.

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