MacMost Now 782: Classic RPGs For Today’s Macs

Classic role playing games from the 80s and 90s can still be played on brand new Macs running Mountain Lion. Take a look at NetHack and Ultima IV, two of the all-time best. They are both available for free. Another classic, Baulder's Gate, will be coming out later this month.

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    12 years ago

    Great post. What about Populous, that was a great game!

    Finlay Maciver
    12 years ago

    Loved Baldur's Gate II and Planescape:Torment on PC back in the early 00's. Also thought Vampire:The Masquerade was amazing and very atmospheric.
    Ever played amy of these Gary?

      12 years ago

      Balder's gate yes. Played them all. Never tried Torment or Vampire, though. Also played a lot of the "Gold Box" games on the Apple II.

    John M. Hammer
    12 years ago

    I spent a summer during my college years playing Ultima III and enjoyed it. (It's available for modern Intel Macs, too, although the copy I have was $5, not free.) I might have played Ultima IV, too, but I don't recall it particularly well.

    We had NetHack on the VAX mainframes and I'm pretty sure I threw away a few hours on it at one time or another, or something just like it.

    Years later, I played Realmz on "classic" pre-OS X Macs. Realmz was quite reminiscent of Ultima, but had a bunch of extra "campaigns" (basically, more games to play using the same engine) from both the developer and the player community ā€“ some of which were quite good! As I moved to 10.5 Leopard and Intel processors, I kept an older Mac around for a while just to be able to much around with Realmz. I'm pretty sure Realmz is dead now, as its developer's website ( has been down for years.

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