MacMost Now 915: Color Calibrating Your Mac

Built into System Preferences is a tool that lets you color calibrate your Mac's display. This can help the colors you see on your Mac's screen match the colors you then get on printouts and when looking at real-world objects. Even if you are not a graphics professional, it may be a good idea to calibrate your screen so images you see online more closely match the real world.

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    John Russell
    11 years ago

    Appreciate this video! I have awful color when I use Apple TV to send my photos to our Panasonic television. TV programs display fine, though. Any suggestions on what I might do regarding the photos?

      11 years ago

      Usually TVs have their own color adjustments. Today's TVs have them somewhere hidden in the menus.

    11 years ago

    helpful -- I simply selected one of 20 I found already in my list of possible displays - now I'm wondering if all the work I've done in PS using Camera Raw was really necessary...because now using the new display preference, my original photos look very close to what I achieved with Camera Raw --- and my Camera Raw adjusted photos look almost phoney!!

    11 years ago

    YAY! - No more calibration discs necessary!

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    I am afraid I have lost the Desktop,and Screen Saver,plus the Energy Saver which I use a lot. A pop up says cannot load. Can I use this method to calibrate the Energy so I can put the computer to sleep,or any other method.
    The only other one is Displays,but I think I am out of my depth there.
    I am just waiting till the new Mac Mini comes out soon.

    11 years ago

    I'm a senior and have trouble remembering each of the steps in many of your video presentations... the Color Calibration is where I am now. Is there a way to just print out each of the steps. Sometimes I make changes but can't remember how so now I just list the steps and the date it was done. Labor intensive but when you have trouble remembering there's not much else that can be done. Open to all suggestions.

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