Make Your Mac Look Different Than Everyone Else

There are some quick and simple settings you can use to change how your Mac's screen looks. Use them all to highly customize the look of your Mac. Or, just use one or two to make a subtle change.

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    6 months ago

    Thanks bunches

    5 months ago

    There's so much we can do to personalize our Macs
    without having to be a developer.
    Thanks for a great and lucid demo.

    Bill Bruckner
    5 months ago

    Hi Gary. I followed your steps, but when I go into dark mode, the menus and dock change to white letters on a black background, but the Mac windows for the Finder and System Preferences, for example, do not. Any idea why that would be?

    5 months ago

    Bill: Not sure. Perhaps switch it back and forth and see? Or maybe try it with/without some of the other options I show?

    Ed Angel
    5 months ago

    Great video! Thanks!

    5 months ago

    My Mac is soooooo colourful now! Thanks for this tutorial! Super fun!

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