Comparing the 4 Ways To Type On Your iPhone

If you have trouble typing quickly on your iPhone, maybe you haven't tried some of the other options available. Instead of typing each letter, you can use predictive text and swiping to pick up the pace. Or, you can just dictate. The best way is probably to combine these methods as needed.

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    2 years ago

    Great tutorial - but how do I get those three words above the keyboard for hints? I'm using Version iOS 15.3.1 on iPhone 13 Pro Max. Thank You

    2 years ago

    Robert: See 1:52.

    Carl Kettler
    2 years ago

    Also worth consideration is using a bluetooth keyboard to actually type on your phone. I often have a small, 5"x11" QWERTY keyboard with me. I've even been known to prop my phone up at a bar and use a full keyboard to capture my thoughts in the moment. Unlike Voice-to-text, this method is not bothered by background noise and conversations and it allows me to quickly capture full sentences and paragraphs. The combination of a phone and BT keyboard is still much smaller than pulling out a computer

    Tony Murray
    2 years ago

    Really interesting tutorial, I always learn from you. I’ve been using dictation in different forms for many years, now with my iPhone, my iPad Pro 27 inch. Now Apple have improved things quite a lot, and it’s free of course. I find dictation extremely useful even in reasonably crowded conditions.

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