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Using Siri Shortcuts From the Gallery
The Shortcuts app from Apple allows you to create your own Siri Shortcuts from building blocks. A large gallery of sample shortcuts is a good place to start to learn about using shortcuts. When you select a shortcut from the gallery, you customize it while adding it to your active shortcuts. You can then trigger it with Siri or pressing a widget button.
Using Siri Shortcut Suggestions
The simplest way to take advantage of the new Siri Shortcuts feature in iOS 12 is to just use one of the suggestions in the Settings app. You can look through a list of recent activity and quickly create a shortcut from that, assigning a Siri trigger phrase to use the shortcut over and over again.
The Top New Features Of iOS 12
Take a look at the top new features of iOS 12, available today for iPhone and iPad. You can now customize Siri, adding your own commands that trigger actions. You can use filters and graphics in FaceTime. You can create your own Memoji on newer iPhones and even use them in live FaceTime conversations. Screen Time lets you keep track of your use. Notifications and Do Not Disturb get more controls. There are also redesigned apps and more.
How To Copy and Paste Text On Your iPhone Or iPad
You can copy and paste text on an iPhone or iPad just like you can on a computer. However, instead of a mouse or trackpad to select text and keyboard commands to copy and paste, you need to use touchscreen gestures to select and special on-screen commands to copy and paste. It takes some practice to be able to copy and paste as easily as you can on a computer.
How To Type In Morse Code On Your iPhone
A new update to the Gboard keyboard app from Google allows you to type using the dots and dashes of Morse code instead of a traditional keyboard. While this may be nothing more than a novelty for some people, others may actually be able to learn to type faster than using a regular touch screen keyboard. Google also has a nice little mobile website to teach you how to use Morse code.
How To Customize the Triple-Click iPhone Accessibility Shortcut
When you triple-click the iPhone's Home button, a variety of things can happen. This can trigger the magnifier, screen zoom, a type of dark mode, other screen filters and a few of types of touch assistance. You can have a single function activate instantly, or choose from a menu of more than one function.
How To Deal With Robocalls On Your iPhone
Spam robocalls are getting more and more common. They can be quite a nuisance. Some of the methods that people use to deal with these, such as blocking and reporting, are ineffective because the caller ID is fake. However, ignoring them, using custom ringtones, or using services from your mobile network can help alleviate the problem.
Faster iPhone Typing With Predictive Text
The Predictive Text feature in iOS helps you save taps by trying to predict the next work you want to type and giving you a button to type it with one tap. Predictive text will show you suggestions based on context so sometimes it will seem like magic as it guesses what you want to write before you know. With some practice it can save time and frustration when typing on your small iPhone screen.
The iOS Built-In Dictionary
The iPhone and iPad have a built-in dictionary that doesn't appear as an individual app, but as a resource you can access Safari, text editing and other apps. You can look up any work you have selected. You can also look up words directly and quickly narrow search results to only show the definition. You can customize which dictionaries are used as well.
Allow Important Calls And Messages To Bypass Do Not Disturb
Don't avoid using the iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature because you are worried you will miss an important call of message. You can set specific contacts to ring through the Do Not Disturb barrier by setting them up as a Favorite contact. You can also enable Emergency Bypass for individual contacts to bypass Do Not Disturb for calls and messages. You can also inform important people in your life that simply calling twice in three minutes will allow their call to get through in an emergency.
Make Your iPhone Flash For Notifications
In addition to getting a sound and vibration when you get a notification, you can also choose to have your iPhone's light flash. You turn this on in the Accessibility settings. This can help anyone who may be in a situation where they can't hear or feel notifications, such as while listening to music or working in a situation where silence is needed.
Taking Photos While Recording Video
On the iPhone and iPad you can record video and at the same time take still photos. This can come in useful if you can't decide where to capture a scene in one of the other, or you want to record video of an event and also take high-resolution photos while recording.
Looking Past Suggestions In App Store Searches
I recently discovered that when people search the iOS App Store on an iPhone or iPad, they ofter view the typing suggestions as search results. However, these suggestions, which appear automatically, only give you a few established choices. Tapping the Search button to actually execute the search will show you the actual search results, complete with images, descriptions and more.
Simple Data Entry With iOS Numbers Forms
In Numbers for iOS there is a special feature that allows you to enter data into form, rather than directly into a table. This one-record-per-screen data entry can make it much easier to enter information on the iPhone or iPad's small screen. The data in forms and the spreadsheet table is one and the same.
Keyboard Position Options On the iPhone
If you have trouble reaching the keys on the iPhone virtual keyboard, especially when holding it with one hand, you have the option to use left or right one-handed keyboards. These come in especially handy on the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 Plus models, where the screen is just a bit too wide to reach all of the keys using just your thumb.
Download and Store PDFs On Your iPad or iPhone
You can view PDFs on the web in Safari on your iPad and iPhone. You can also download those documents to store in either iBooks or the Files app. In Files, you can store them locally or in iCloud so you have access to them on all of your devices.
Using More Secure iPhone Passcodes
iPhone passcodes that are only 4- or 6-digits long can be easily broken by the same equipment law enforcement agencies use. While it is unlikely to be an issue for typical users, you can opt to use longer passcodes or even an alphanumeric password for your iPhone to make it nearly impossible to break.
Making Real Phone Calls With Your Mac
If you turn on the right options on your iPhone and Mac, you can receive and place phone calls via the FaceTime app on your Mac. These calls can be from or to a non-Apple ID number or even a landline.
Basic Game Center Setup On iOS
If you play games on your iPhone and iPad, you probably are using Apple's Game Center system for high scores, achievements and player challenges. It is fairly simply to turn on Game Center in your Settings. You can also select your player name which will appear in high score boards and other places. You can even sign in to another Apple ID just for Game Center. If you ever find you are having trouble with Game Center, the solution is usually to turn it off and then on again.
Apple Store Self-Checkout
By using the Apple Store app on your iPhone, you can walk into an Apple Store, pick out a product, pay on your iPhone, and walk out without ever needing to speak to an employee. Self-checkout has been around for a while, but few people seem to know about it. Watch as I pay for a new Magic Trackpad using self-checkout and see how the process works.
Using iOS Workflow To Send Quick Email Messages
You can use the Workflow app to create little programs to automate tasks on your iPhone or iPad. In this example, we'll create a workflow that will send a new email message with the subject, body and from address pre-filled. You can add this as an icon to your Home screen, or to the Today screen for easy access.
Naming iPhone Alarms
Naming your iPhone's Clock app alarms can be extremely useful. You can then use Siri to set alarms by name, distinguishing between the alarms in some way other than just the time. Named alarms can avoid confusion if you have two alarms with the same time, but different sounds and settings.
Using iOS Zoom To Read Small Text On Your iPhone
The Zoom feature in the Accessibility functions of your iPhone can help you read a small piece of text. It can easily be turned on or off so you can use it only when you need it. There are any options and ways to trigger the Zoom feature, so take a few minutes to try it out before the next time you need it.
Using QR Codes With Your iPhone
While QR codes aren't used as much today as just a few years ago, it is nice to know that when you encounter one you can access the URL using your iPhone's Camera app, without needing to install anything else. If you'd like to create a QR code that links to a specific page on your website, you can use Google's URL shortener as a quick and trustworthy method.
Ask Siri To Play the News
A new feature of Siri in iOS 11.2.5 is the ability to listen to short news podcasts with a simple command. You can use "play" or "tell" to trigger these podcasts even if you don't subscribe to them. You can also get business and sports news. This feature should come to the Mac soon, and is most likely being added now in preparation for the release of the HomePod.
Decline iPhone Phone Calls With a Message
You can do more than simply decline a phone call with no explanation on your iPhone. With only one more tap on your screen, you can decline and send a message to the caller to let them know why. You can edit three presets for this message, or type a custom one. You can also decline a call and set a reminder to call the person back later on.
Using Alexa On Your iPhone
You can access Amazon's Alexa assistant on your iPhone, but you don't do it through the Alexa app. Instead, you use the Amazon shopping app. You can access the same information and services that you do on an Echo device.
Setting Up and Using iPhone Lost Mode
As long as you have Find My iPhone activated on your iPhone, you can then use a computer and log on to the iCloud web site to trigger Lost Mode. This will lock your phone, and enable you to display a message and phone number on the screen. You'll also get location updates sent to you via email. You can turn off Lost Mode if you find your iPhone.
Using the iOS Podcasts App
The Podcasts app in iOS 11 allows you to subscribe to podcasts, download their episodes, and listen or watch them. You can browse the iTunes store for shows and grab an individual episode or subscribe to the whole show. You can set up the app to download new episodes automatically. You can create a playlist, called a Station, to group together new episodes of shows and have them ready to listen to when you want to enjoy your podcasts.
Recording the Screen On Your iPhone Or iPad
You can record the screen of your device using iOS 11 to create a video. Previously you could only do this by connecting your iPhone or iPad to a Mac. This can be handy for capturing epic gameplay or simply documenting a problem in an app. The video is saved to your Photos library.