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How To Block Spam Calls On an iPhone
There's no perfect way to block all unwanted calls and messages on your iPhone. But you can use some apps, blocking and a built-in feature on your iPhone to reduce the time you have to deal with them to almost nothing.
How To Create a Treasure Hunt Game With Your iPhone and NFC Tags
With a few NFC tags you can create a treasure hunt game that others can play. Put clues on a fre website and link the tags to each page. Design your own game for your kids, students, friends or family.
Create an iPhone Shortcut To Show Your Vaccination Card
You can use your iPhone to scan in your vaccination card and then create a Shortcut to display it with one tap. This can come in handy when it isn't convenient to carry your card with you.
Use a Shortcut To Change iPhone Settings Just For One App
You can create a personal automation in the Shortcuts app to change your iPhone settings when you launch an app, and then change them back when you exit. For example, you can increase the font size, but only for that app or a set of apps.
Two Ways To Take a Photo On Your iPhone Using Your Voice
You can make the Camera app on your iPhone take a picture using only your voice by either setting up a Shortcut or activating Voice Control.
10 Quick and Easy iPhone Shortcuts
iPhone Shortcuts don't have to be long and complicated. Here are 10 one or two-action shortcuts that are easy to build and very useful. Also learn a good way to launch these from your Home screen.
Turn Your iPhone Into a Musical Instrument With GarageBand
The free GarageBand app from Apple allows you to play your iPhone like a piano, guitar, bass, drum kit or a variety of other instruments. You don't need to learn how to use GarageBand's complex recording and editing tools, you can just jumpo to one of these instruments and play live.
10 Ways To Make Your iPhone More Secure
Here are some tips to make your iPhone more secure. In addition to using a long and random passcode, you can also prevent others from accessing your data in various ways if you select the right settings now.
10 Quick and Useful iPhone Tips
Here are 10 simple iPhone tips. Learn how to Print As PDF on your iPhone, never miss a message, set custom vibration patterns, offload apps to save space and much more.
Learn How To Edit Video With iMovie For iPhone In 5 Minutes
iMovie is Applke's free tool for combining, trimming, editing and producing video content on your iPhone. This quick tutorial will teach you how to use iMovie's main features in just 5 minutes.
Two Apps To Resize Images On Your iPhone
If you need to resize a photo you can use one of these two apps to crop, resize and compress the image to create a new photo or image file. You can also apply effects and make other changes. One add costsa few dollars and the other is free with an in-app purchase to remove ads.
10 Tips For Using iPhone Home Screen Widgets
Adding a widget to the Home Screen on your iPhone in iOS 14 is easy, but there are many tricks you can use to get the most out of this new feature. Learn how to create and edit stacks, use the Shortcuts widget, create homogeneous widget stacks and even have a Home Screen that contains only widgets and no apps.
The Best Hidden Feature Of iOS 14: Back Tap
Back Tap is a handy feature that allows you to set custom actions for when you tap on the back of your iPhone. You can set two actions, one for double and one for triple taps. You can choose from a list, or create your own actions in the Shortcuts app.
How To Make Custom App Icons In iOS 14
You can use the free Apple Keynote app to make custom icons for your iPhone's Home Screen. You can use the shapes in Keynote and style them, or draw your own. Then use Shortcuts to place the icons on your Home Screen.
Using Your iPhone While Camping
There are many uses for your iPhone while camping, even if you don't have a connection. Be sure to protect your iPhone and bring along some additional power.
Run Personal Automation Shortcuts Automatically In iOS 14
With iOS 14 you can now trigger Shortcuts automatically without needing to confirm the action. You can set up personal automations to run at specific times or with actions like when you turn on Do Not Disturb or launch an app. However, many actions can't complete if your iPhone is locked, making this of limited use.
How To Use the iOS 14 App Library
The App Library is an extra screen to the right of the Home Screen pages on your iPhone. It contains a categorized list of all of your apps, and you can also bring up an alphabetical list. With the App Library, you no longer need to have all of your apps on Home Screen pages.
25 Things To Try On Your iPhone With iOS 14
The new iOS 14 for iPhone is packed with new features. Take a look at some of these features, big and small, to see that you can use.
How To Customize Your iOS 14 Home Screen
iOS 14 allows you to place custom widgets on your Home Screen mixed in with your apps. You can also use a trick to create custom app icons to create a Home Screen that looks unique.
10 Tips To Help You Type Faster On Your iPhone
It can be hard to type on an iPhone's small virtual keyboard. But with these tips and some practice you can significantly improve your typing and text editing speed.