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How To Prevent Watch-And-Grab iPhone Theft
If you are worried that someone can watch you enter your passcode on your iPhone and then steal your iPhone from you, then here's how to protect yourself.
What To Do Before Handing Your iPhone to a Cashier, Ticket-Taker or Police (Revisited)
Take a more detailed look at how to set up Guided Access in case you need to hand your iPhone to someone temporarily so they can see some information. Learn how this keeps you safe and in what situations you may need to use this.
How To Resize Photos With a Shortcut On Your iPhone or iPad
If you want to share a photo from your Photos Library or a file on your iPhone or iPad, you can use this Shortcut to resize it and convert it first. A very simple Shortcut can be used to do it for one photo, and a slightly more complex one can do it for multiple photos.
10 Uses For iPhone Live Photos
Live Photos are more than just a bit of video attached to your pictures. You can use them to create loops, long exposures and pick a perfect frame when your subject won't stay still.
Dictation Spelling Mode On the iPhone and Mac
A new mode in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura lets you spell out words and other phrases letter by letter.
How To Schedule a Text Message On an iPhone
You can use a personal automation to schedule a text message to be sent at a specific time with your iPhone. There are a few catches, though.
10 Uses For Your iPhone Camera Besides Taking Photos
You can use your iPhone's camera for more than just taking photos. Here are some other useful and interesting things you can do with the camera. Third part apps mentioned: Google, WAM: World Around Me, Star Walk 2, PeakFinder, Seeing The Invisible.
5 Ways To Show iPhone Battery Percentage
There are many ways to see the battery percentage number on your iPhone with iOS 16. You can put in on your Lock Screen or Home Screen, view it in Settings which includes a detailed chart, get to it in Control Center, or have the percentage always shown in the Status Bar at the top.
24 Hidden New iPhone Features In iOS 16
Here are some small new features of iOS 16 for the iPhone that you may not have discovered yet.
Lift the Subject From the Background Of a Photo In iOS 16
A new feature in iOS 16 is the ability to easily select only the subject of a photo and drag it to another app or copy and paste it. You can use this to send just the subject of a photo without the background in a message or place it in a layer of an image editing app.
How To Detect Duplicate Photos With iOS 16
A new feature in iOS 16 for the iPhone allows you to see duplicates in your Photos library and delete or merge them. This same feature is coming to iPadOS 16 and also macOS Ventura.
Customizing Your iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16
A big new feature in iOS 16 is the ability to customize your lock screen using photos, colors, emoji and other special styles. You can also add widgets to your lock screen and set Focus modes to change your lock screen automatically at different times.
What's New in iOS 16 For iPhone
iOS 16 for iPhone has a ton of new features. See some of the best new things you need to try out as soon as you update.
Let Your iPhone Read Text To You
You can set your iPhone up so it can read the text of an article, webpage or other content to you using Siri or another voice. Use this if you have a vision issue or just want to listen to some content instead of read it.
Managing Badges On Your Mac, iPhone and iPad
Badges are the red dots with numbers in them you see in the Dock on your Mac and over App icons on your iPhone or iPad. You can hide them on an app-by-app basis and something customize what they represent.
What Are These Symbols On My iPhone?
Ever wonder what the arrow at the top of your iPhone means? Or green dot, orange dot, padlock with a circle around it, moon, spaceship or bed mean?
Using the Magnifier On Your iPhone
The magnifier on your iPhone is a hidden app that you can use to read small text on medicine, food items, menus and more. You can also temporarily save images so you don't need to keep the iPhone pointed at the item.
Use Your iPhone and AirPods As a Hearing Aid
You can use the Live Listen feature on your iPhone to use it and your AirPods as a simple hearing aid, allowing you to hear voices clearer even in the next room.
10 Ways To Transfer Files Or Photos Between Mac, iPhone and iPad
You have many options when it comes to transferring files between your Mac and iOS devices. You can keep it simple with AirDrop or iCloud Drive, or use a cable or Wi-Fi to move files, regular networking, the Finder, and more.
Setting Your iPhone To Listen For Sounds
You can set up your iPhone so it listens for sounds like doorbells, glass breaking or a baby crying, and then alert you with a tone or a vibration.